Pirate Girl


Watch this

Oh awesome! I love the design...not quite as fond of the actual shirt color, but I don't have any other suggestions for it & I'd still buy it anyway :) -$5


interesting combination of tribal and religious references


if she had an eyepatch...
but maybe that wouldn't go with the drawing. I like it! (mostly because of my love of pirates).


Didn't realise it was a pirate. My first thought was a graduation portrait. She has a touch of the Genna Davis about her, Cutthroat Island?


The more I look at her face the more she starts to resemble a clown... nevertheless, like the design work round the outside.


I love the art! You've got talent, queen pride! Keep the submissions coming, this site needs more people who can do more than doodle.


Love the skull shirt going on there. Metallic ink on the bronze colour? Framing details are pleasantly intricate as well. Wish she was staring us down instead of tilting her head back though. Try sliding her features down her face a bit?


Maybe if it wasn't the Punisher logo?

Joelnz profile pic Alumni

no more pirates!


I hate to be the police here, but there is a problem.

This design exists in a royalty-free art collection (Tratti & Ritratti) published by Art Massa Studio S.r.l. in Italy.

This means 1 of 3 things. Either:

1. This design was done by another artist and taken (unaltered, no less) to be claimed as your own.

2. You are actually the artist that created this piece, but submitted it despite the factt that it has been published (threadless submission rules clearly call for original, unpublished designs.)

3. This is your work and was published in a collection without your knowledge or consent.


Thats a cool shirt if it wasnt a pirate girl, if she was hotter, not wearing that weird makeup and showing more skin

Less Nameless

She's a dirty pirate hooker and thats exactly why I love it


Nice, but... F-U-C-K-P-I-R-A-T-E-S!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I hate shirts with girls on them.
I hate shirts with pirates on them.

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