DHL Globamail Registered

Hello all

I'm asking to international customers if the last few Threadless orders they got through DHL Globalmail were registered or unregistered. If they were registered you had to sign to receive it.

My last order was shipped registered and I was charged an extra 32 bucks for this, and I will get no refund.

Was I unlucky or has Threadless started shipping all orders as registered mail?

Should I expect to be ripped off again in my future orders?


Watch this

you should talk to staff about this, if you haven't already.

Click service, then contact threadless.


I did but I'm not getting replies. But I wanted to know if some other customers got the same problem I got, just to know.

Because it's too much paying 32 USD extra on a 80 USD order! So I will never buy again if the shipping is registered! :( and this would be too bad!


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