What are you listening to?

You know what? I'd like one thing. ONE thing. For you to tell me exactly what song you are listening to, right this second, as you read this.

I'm always looking for new stuff, so keep in mind that I'll be checking whatever you put out...probably on iTunes or something.


As a side note, anyone who wants to give me their STP link can put one here, and it will go into a tiny little drawing when I go and buy a shirt. But you'll owe me. Keep that in mind.

Anyways, onward! I am currently listening to Two Shoes, by The Cat Empire.


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Heart It Races - As played by Dr. Dog --- Architecture in Helsinki


Stand By Me by John Lennon

so good

miss mraz

shimmy shimmy quarter turn - hellogoodbye :D


More than 3cm - Yoko Kanno

Christoph Jenkins

Hmmm... Architecture In Helsinki is actually pretty good! Thanks cancero!

John Lennon, happen to be aquainted with his work already...

Shimmy... not terrible there...


Portugal The Man- Telling Tellers Tell Me

Christoph Jenkins

Tower of Power isn't bad either!

Wow... Ironic Hanza. I just watched oceans 11 today!
And I'll add you to the STP drawing.

Aww. I was unable to find Yoko Kanno there.


How is that ironic? I'm not trying to be an ass, I've just never seen any of the Ocean's movies.
Despite George Clooney's hotness.

Christoph Jenkins

Well, David Holmes did some of the Oceans soundtracks.

And thanks for that find Shibby! Woo, I'm getting new stuff!


Don't thank me. I owe it to Rolf aka Martiandrivein


That's disappointing, because Yoko Kanno is one of my favourite anime composers.
See if iTunes has any Mitch Miller and the Gang.


Look up Depeche Mode too.
They're sort of 80's and 90's and awesome +10.


Hounds of War by The Subjects


I'll second Hanza's recommendation of Depeche Mode.


S On My Chest by DJ Khaled featuring Lil' Wayne and Birdman.

What can I say, I'm a gangsta.

Lucretia Mott

Neko Case and/or Jesse Sykes

Yeah country noir!


Now I'm listening to King Kong by Jibbs simply because the beginning cracks me up.

"Yo dis beet eez baNAnas!"


sore thumb - the format


Monster's ball - Hilltop hoods

Christoph Jenkins

Okay.... Anywho....

Wheel in the Sky - Foreigner


Drunken Master by Jackie Chan


Remember Cedric - The Remus Lupins


Barely Listening - Pilot Speed (formerly Pilate)

There was a blog about them on threadless so I thought I'd check 'em out!

Christoph Jenkins

Harry potter themed band??

Hmm... I should listen to the Clash more often...

mm. Pilot speed doesn't really seem that great...


Well, this is awkward..

I am currently listening to "DuJour Around The World" by DuJour, the fictional boy band from the Josie and the Pussycats movie. What can I say.. The movie is horrible, but the soundtrack is golden.

death by crayon

Monotonous - The Plot To Blow Up The Eiffel Tower


harry potter themed band= Harry and the Potters.


The new Against Me! record.. better than the previous one. Not as good as the old stuff. Oh well.


I saw Against Me! a couple months ago, was not really familiar with them (or much punk for that matter) but thought it was a good show. They were supposedly supposed to do an all acoustic set, but they did not.

Also, right now I am listening to:

Papa Was A Rolling Stone by supposedly Sly and the Family Stone, although I've not seen anywhere that they've actually done a cover of the song and it definitely is not The Temptations.

Christoph Jenkins

Wow, this is a impressive selection!

Right now I'm in a chill mood, so its Shine on You Crazy Diamond. The whole record.

Christoph Jenkins

Now 'm trying a bit of Modest Mouse... anyone else?


i really like tapes n tapes, the iliad.


May I Have This Dance by Copeland.
It be purdy. :D

Christoph Jenkins

mmm...Thats interesting... woke up to The Chariot by Cat Emp...

Christoph Jenkins

BUUUMM ----- Our weapons were our instruments! Made from a'timber and steel. We never yeild! Unto conformity, we stood like kings! In a chariot thats guided by a record wheelllllll

spacesick profile pic Alumni

Cheap Trick - The Flame

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