Vive la freedom of speech

  • by Ionut
  • posted Jun 23, 2007

Watch this



Great idea, but it needs to be better executed (pun not intended). Use a real guillotine and have the rest of the pen on the other side to show proper perspective.


The thing is, this looks more like it's advocating censorship, rather than condemning it.

Nice design, and if it is in support of freedom of expression, then I'm wholly in favour of it, but it's not very clear.


agree with fouchnickens

on the other hand, I don't think it looks like it's advocating censorship, due to the negativity of the blood-ink

Get F a m o u s.

Amazing. Reminds me so much of the french revolution.


shouldn't the blade be sitting at the bottom of the guillotine and not at the top?


wouldnt the ink/blood be black? and i HATE that yellow....anything but that yellow! other than that, nice..


This is amazing. I would definitely wear this. :] $5


Yeah... I like the concept, not the yellow. It's too much... mustard.

ruby soho

Cool idea but it definitely needs to be refined, try the critique section first.

Polygymy Porter

It's done really well, obviously as other's said the rest of the pen would be great and a different colored shirt is great but I really love the general idea of it.


I like the idea, but the yellow is awful. I also think the rest of the pen should be visible, like the others have said. Also, the design seems a bit too large on the shirt


Thank you all so much for your nice words and helpful critique.
I have to admit I was in a bit of a hurry, so the design is probably not all that it could have been if I'd have spent more time on it, but sometimes I think it's best to go with the "rough around the edges" version.
However, I totally agree with the fact that the yellow has an eye-hurting potential :-).
Regarding the missing body of the pen, I thought about it while I was drawing, and concluded that from this perspective it would be almost, if not totally, obstructed by the guillotine. But then again, I'm known to have been wrong before.
Regarding the blade being up, I thought that if it was down it wouldn't be seen, thus we would be missing a very important component of the guillotine.
Regarding the perception that it's advocating censorship instead of freedom of speech, I think it does so no more than an image of a concentration camp is advocating nazism

Thanks all again and keep expressing


With a better execution maybe... but the concept is nice


love the concept. the suggestions are fair though.
but I like the yellow :)


yellow is cool, but could have done with jjust a little more work. 4 for now.


i love the concept, like the design... not the color.


Send through the critiques first next time.


Nice concept. Nice delivery to.
I just don't like that pool of blood near the bottom it looks a little acward and draws to much attention away from the pen. Which should be the focal point of the shirt


Yellow-Orange isn't the right color for the background.

Great idea, but it needs more detail, like other people have said; It needs more dimension.


fix up the blood a little bit and it would be emaculate


It took me a bit to figure out what was going on in this. I agree with what others have said, the other part of the pen needs to be seen.

Quid Pro Quo

I really love the idea of this! But without the rest of the pen I can't $5 it because I wouldn't wear something I don't think many people would understand.


I hope you resubmit later fixed up.

Quid Pro Quo

Oh and for the record I really like it on gold but then again gold is one of my favorite threadless shirt colors.


pen is mightier than the sword.

however, guillotine...


sweet f**ing idea! I feel like I need the rest of the pen, though.


i'd buy it for on almost any other color - blue or green?

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