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It seems like I've seen this before, or maby just the concept, but I still like it.


I do like this, however it seems too much like soemthing I would see at spencer gifts, or Hot Topic. both of which i hate.
but thats just my opinion.
like the retroness, but I feel like it can be taken a better direction


Yeah this screams of this one site that I see adds for all over the place. Not sure what it's called but the style is similar. It's a fun idea though so maybe a different approach is needed is all.


i agree with tobasco... change the font and your probems are solved.

Simon Cowell

Not sure why you would have Playboy with Atari...
The concept really makes no sense to me at all. Maybe it's an American thing. The style is extremely cliche for the retro looking shirts. (which if you look at the Threadless catalogue, you'll notice there are almost zero retro looking shirts) It's executed alright, but it looks a bit cheap and something you'd see at a bargain store.




Atari rules (y en mi lengua materna: mae esta muy tuanis la idea compa, el clasico Atari Americano)

Pocket Clouds

This font I don't like me, but the classic colors and Atari are delicious.

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