Colour Me Different

Just a polar bear that got tired of being white ... time to make yourself different.

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Just a polar bear that got tired of being white ... time to make yourself different.


Cute illustration but, like a lot of your designs, the concept is either lacking in some way or just hard to translate thru artwork alone. This is the latter of the two.


This guy is adorable! You can see his frustration and determination so clearly. $5


I wonder if anyone will call this racist? I don't think it is, but you could argue it...

And I'm not sure if the shadow looks best being the same colour as the paint... does this pic need the shadow?

I do like it though, very cute :-) might be cool if he was further through painting himself, but I'm not sure....

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yeah, awesome idea/dezign! i like it n i think you really no need the shadow touch or just make it smaller with lighter color gray! anyway you still get my 5$ for this! :D


I wonder if anyone will call this racist? I don't think it is, but you could argue it...

Please do -- I love a good laugh.


I wonder if anyone will call this racist? I don't think it is, but you could argue it...

Please do -- I love a good laugh.

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phyntosia, you're waiting for someone to call it a racist design but it's you who first post about it, and funny that you're all Pontius Pilate about it.


the little bear is very cute, and as was said before his frustration is very evident... you get my $5

I love rock!

It is a sweet design, shame we are never happy with what we've got. 4


Hmm, it looks like some baby ewok buddha. Whatever's behind the bear (a rock?) is confusingly blended with the bear... And the feet/hands too.


This is a good concept with great art, I only have two worries. First, the shadow really dosn't look great in blue. Second, people might not get the concept, it isn't easy to comunicate the idea through art alone. Also, I don't think people are going to take this as being racist, its pretty clear that isn't the shirts intention.


Avatar as Polar Bear!

(sorry, I watch too much Avatar.)


awh! i love it how it is! its so cute! definately a 5.


Great concept, but I didn't get it was a polar bear. I suggest you make him whiter, and also more clearly a polar bear head. The expression is perfect.

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great! 5$


great illustration!


Heh I know, it's just funny the way some people jump on the racism boat without much cause, I've noticed a few things (on threadless and elsewhere) that have been called racist for very little reason. The "got tired of being white" thing just reminded me of Michael Jackson, who allegedly just got tired of being black... but I'm digressing. Sorry if I sounded like a dick before, didn't mean it that way!

And still love this design, it's so cute :-) 5

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Technically it wouldn't be racist because he's changing his hair color. Love how there's always someone brining up race though.


Change the shadow color or just get rid of the shadow alltogether. It's a $5 anyway because it's adorable. :]

crafty minx

this bear is so cute!!
agree with the shadow comments- maybe just make the shadow dark grey or something? but i just love the look of frustration on its face- really well done!


So cute, but I thought the shadow was a badly illustrated paint spill. The right arm looks odd, (the bear's right, not the right side of the picture) with the shadows about the foot, it looks like an arm above the foot, with the paw hidden behind the foot. I Love love love the bears expression and the idea. Not to complain to much, but I think the belly button isn't cute, but it works well enough. I also agree that the T-shirt colors don't compliment the design like they should


to bad people might take it the wrong way, i love it, chubby bear needs to lose weight and make it a darker shadow


Personally, i'd dig it more if he was painting himself the color of another bear... Black or Brown. I know, I know, there's the worry of racism, but a cute little bear painting himself brown doesn't seem racist to me at all.. It's a bear!

and I agree with the shadow thing.


Aww, what bitter sweetness. I can see how idiotic people who like to find racism in anything would find it to be so, but it's a bit of a stretch. But hey, let 'em think what they want, eh?

Back to the design: Chesh loves animals, and for the most part, if a design has a cute animal in it, she will like it very much. This shirt is no exception :)


I agree with the other comments about changing the shadow color to dark grey, but the bear's color looks fine - the concept gets through when you see the paintbrush anyway. However, I'm sort of confused by the teal and grey scribbles right beneath the brush. Is it paint dripping? I can't tell, and it detracts from the otherwise-smooth bear, which I personally think is adorable.


Make his nose totally black and make the shadow a different colour.


I just gave it a zero: by accident. That's a first for me. Sorry, artist. I wouldn't buy it, though I also get sick of being white. Helpful hint to any who read this: Sharpies (the nice ink markers) are not permanent. I like the idea, the expression of the bear, then ... I find the rest of the drawing to lose it's focus. Like the appendages. Thank you for reading.


no shadow. and maybe a few pots of paint. like a selection of future selves. or something.


$5 - I love it!


The black or slate would be just awesome.


i hope this wins....i want one! it's tight!


I love the polar bear's expression, it looks so ... pained. D:

And is it just me, or did anyone else think Aang from Avatar at first glance?


I've been drunkenly stumbling through this website rating designs fairly unimpressed till I saw this. This makes me feel happy and kinda sad but mostly happy, I'd actually buy this for real (don't tell my wife) and I'd wear it and people would be like "whats up with that bear?" and I'd be like "I duno"

Technically solid, you have your own unique style, don't listen to the heathen swine that are trying to change you.

Im actually kinda pissed, wish I'd drawn it. I'd buy it and giving it 5, keep em comming.


How the you people pull racist motifs outta that? Its not like he painting himself gold!!!


i absolutly love this. think its very cute. def £5



the poor thing

i love the concept and the expression, the art is amazing and it actually evokes some emotion out of me

its fantastic

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