Amazing Freak

Awkward love is perhaps best found in your memories..the stale smell of popcorn, the bright kaleidoscope of color.

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Smitty McGillicutty

Awkward love is perhaps best found in your memories..the stale smell of popcorn, the bright kaleidoscope of color.


fat people aren't nice to look at in real life. why would you want that on your shirt?
no offense if you're fat


Very orignal. I love the color scheme and character design.

Band Geek

Same style as Alice... I like. =) Keep it up.


This is pretty good, but i'd NEVER wear this.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Gosh I love this. Good circus shirts are worth their weight in gold!


Your talent sickens me.


Hell fuckin yeah!


i dig ur stuff... 5


I love the ringmaster, but don't really care for the rest of the shirt, or specifically the large woman, cause I agree with twenty7th, no offense to those of large size


thats pretty awesome.
thats one fat person i`d like to look at.


I am giving this a 5$ not only because the design is excellent, but also because of the dumbasses who are whining about the fat lady. It's a freakin CIRCUS, kids! Get some culture!


Very Much

$ 5

Big C

Sweet Tee....

it flies my trapeze :)

Smitty McGillicutty

thanks everyone! I am glad you like it, and not that I need to defend Large Lulu since she is a circus freak, but having taken many many life drawing courses, people with interesting shapes (not necessarily just fat) are much more fun to draw, they have something to them. If I wanted to draw a person that you might see in a fashion magazine all I have to do is draw a skeleton and wrap some skin on it. People should be unique and when they are, they are a lot more beautiful.


Awesome! 5$


i love it! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. your style is captivating and large lulu is adorable. 5$

Simon Cowell

This is outstanding. You're going to Hollywood!!!!!!!!


This is fabulous illustration - great composition, love the colors, and absolutely takes me back to those old circus posters. Ringmaster is a little weird (what is he, an ant?), but this is just charming. $5

Smitty McGillicutty

the ring master is just a character that I came up with after watching a LOT of Tim Burton.

Smitty McGillicutty

and thanks so much Simon, have you bought any shirts from Threadless yet, would love to see you get some STP's.


very good colors and looks great

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

excellent composition smitty - always a pleasure -


Fuckin rules.


One of my favorites, $5


Fantastic job! Love the fat lady...5




I think most fat girls would find this design offensive- fat makes you the freak at the circus? In the USA fat makes you normal. I have some fat friends and family this would hurt their feelings. Some cliches need to die.


...I had a teacher named Lulu who looked like that. This is creepy. The coincidence I mean- the shirt looks great.


the art is great - and i don't mind "large lulu" - but i think some people may be offended by Fat="Freak"

i know the history of circus freaks - and the term "freak" is ok in that historical sense

i just kinda wish she was the "large bearded lady" instead of simply "fat"
if there was some height reference (or a name change) to indicate she was a "giant" (which is what i think you were going for) and not [i]just[/i] "fat"

Smitty McGillicutty

well to be honest, her title is LARGE Lulu. She is much taller than he is, not to metion, I am overweight. I am not morbidly obese, but I have a few extra pounds I am trying to get rid of. This is not supposed to be offensive. Like I said before I like drawing people who aren't stick thin, and I thought about the Bearded Lady that happens to be kinda burly, but I thought it was to much for the piece. Pint-Sized Paul and Large Lulu are supposed to be exact opposites...if I added the Beard in there I would nave to make him Pint-Sized Hairless Paul. Anyway, to recap, I am fat, Lulu is still drop dead gorgeous even though she is a plus size woman, and the name is LARGE not fat.

Smitty McGillicutty

PS - perhaps you are taking the term "freak" to literally. Read it straight through "Goodlove's Amazing Freaks"...maybe I am trying to imply something about relationships and love?

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Awesome illustration!

steven218 profile pic Alumni

brilliant, i love it!


holly golightly

it kinda reminds me of the illustrations from mika's cd...kinda


I don't like the ringmaster at all, but I Love love love the color of the shirt and the design, I like leaving the fat woman as Large lulu. I would wear this right now.


this is hot!


I love how people are making the offensive "fat people are ugly" insult and then adding "...but no offense." eyeroll

Smitty, your talent and composition are fantastic. I love your use of the halftones, too. I want more! More, I say!

Smitty McGillicutty

vixvish - ask and you shall receive. I am cooking up some more stuff right now...I just wish something would actually get printed.

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