Helping Hands

Don't lick cold things, especially popsicles, robots, or igloos!

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Crippled Iguana

Don't lick cold things, especially popsicles, robots, or igloos!


The polar bear looks too happy, which he certainly should not (I knew a kid who got his tongue stuck to a popsicle and he had to rip it off and he had a bloody popsicle afterwards... ew). It's a cute concept but I think more detail could be done with the polar bear and so forth.


eh looks weird..2


And, the eskimo's hands are way too close to the bear's anus. Have him grip the bear lower.


I'd lose that background too. You don't need that other bear walking on some weird ledge.


cute i like it, polar bear looks funny tho! agree with background comment but good :]


make the polar bear sad and watch the thumbs on the eskimo


why is the eskimo so much bigger than his house? and.. what everyone else said about the polar bear being too happy. and the fact that the eskimo's hands are like.. in the polar bear's butt and the eskimo seems all too happy about that.


i like this. its like the giant turnip story. only there gonna make polar bear soup instead of turnip soup!

Crippled Iguana

Happy polar bears are much more fun than sad polar bears.


From personal experience, having your tongue freeze to something hurts real bad. Great idea, though!


perharps not a happy or sad polar bear, but more of a shocked or scared one? immensly cute and wearable design! $4


ouch.. i hate when that happens...cute though. 5


Super! You might work a little bit on the background....


Good idea, but why would the polar bear be happy? Also the igloo is way out of proportion.


cute, but polar bears live in the artic and penguins in the antartic

Crippled Iguana

Yeah, but understand that the penguin is on a vacation.


Dude, I'm giving you a 5 just for your responses to the comments.


a penguin... on vacation. that's quite a good answer CripIg!

that bear has quite the outtie belly button, don't ee?


There are many different styles in the picture, but everything is cute..


sorry for the my sceintific correctness but polar bears dont live with penguins. The penguin species wouldn't exist and we wouldn't have a ridiculous amount of penguin movies made in the ppast 3 years. But anyway i just like it when shirts are actually and factually correct.

Crippled Iguana

I think we all know that facts are boring.
Plus, I think I might have mentioned this penguin is on vacation.

I'm going to go ride my unicorn.


why do people search out like the smallest details in obviously artsy/cartoony/abstract style shirts and insist that they be more true to life? like we're accepting the fact that an eskimo and a penguin are teaming up to save a polar bear, BUT WAIT! the penguin and the polar bear couldn't possibly LIVE TOGETHER!

sorry, had to let that out. i agree that the background is odd somehow. cute otherwise though.


funny little story.


funny little story.


That made me laugh out loud. Nice job :)


Thats awesome. Good for the penguin...I'm sure he needs a vacation.
Great concept, but work on the polar bear a bit and lose the background.


Super cute. I want one.

Crippled Iguana

Thanks everyone for your comments and scoring!

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