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It's too bad this didn't come a little sooner

  • by ruteger
  • posted Jun 20, 2007

Toronto has one of the largest pride celebrations in the world this week. The design comes out (no pun intended) to coincide with pride....but not early enough for anyone to order shirts and get them in time for it. (At least not with international orders)

I'm sure these will sell fine throughout the year, it's just a shame it couldn't have been released two weeks ago.

Watch this

I know,I'm hoping to order mine for San Diego's Gay Pride parade next month.


Yeah - same here.

Mine's in the post, but I doubt it will arrive by this Saturday, which is the Edinburgh Pride.

Hopefully my brother's will arrive in time for me to send it to him for London Pride on the 30th.


Threadless likes gay people, just not gay people from Toronto.


Haha, Now we know why Toronto has that massive erection in the middle of it!

Killer shirt, even an almost totally straight guy like myself would wear it. Proud to support the pride.


I literally just got back from Toronto... I had no idea there was a gay pride celebration!


omfg there's gay people in this shirt?


The chubby one is hot!

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