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Comic Book Artists?

With all the illustrators, artists and know how on this site I figured it would be a good place to look.

A friend of mine has been scripting a comic book (not strip style, actual marvel/dc/darkhorse/image/ect style books). I've been working on character compositions and cover ideas.

We're trying to find panel artists.

It also wouldn't hurt if we could find inkers, letterers and colonists but we can handle that if needed.

I'm wondering if anyone around here has that kind of skill or knows a site/community/forum (besides craigslist) where we could likely find one.

Any direction anyone could give would be most appreciated.

(just FYI: He's the primary visionary for this project so he will be contacting people and making the decisions of who to harass about this. I'm just trying to find options. if you have any direct questions hit me at grypes[at]gmail[dot]com)

Watch this

that's a start. Thanks so much Chelly.

Anyone else got somethin for me?

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i must infiltrate again.... you still comin to chicago man?


I'm working on it. I'll hopefully make it but I dunno if I can just yet. I should know for certain before the week is out.

the czar

I believe Stickymike does this. He only pops in once in a while though.


hmmm. i'll check that out. thanks


wow.... he's overly impressive.

the czar

yeah, he does nice stuff, like lots of the folks here. I love that Flash Gordon one he did.


more!!! give me more!!! and thanks so far.


go to the forum to check out some shit.


my buddy Mike from on there has a comic book coming to stores called "Eat the Paterson's" about a family of zombies...


Wow good stuff.

I updated the main post to explain a bit more about this. Check the bottom. :-)


I just have to say that the guys on Sketch Tavern are freaking amazing. I just spent like 20 minutes poking through their stuff.


yeah they are. but the more options i can get the better off i am. :-)

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adam_antium. Him!


as awesome as it is that people are recommending specific people (and I do appreciate it, and will likely try to talk to them when the time comes)

it would be insanely more useful if people know of any sites or communities where people who panel are looking specifically for writers and inkers and colorists to work with.

As great as the specific people are, if they aren't actively looking to panel, trying to get them to drop everything to panel is almost rude.

Again don't think I don't appreciate it and don't think I won't be rude and try to get them to panel, but I'm really looking more for a forum like this but for comic panelists. :-)


My one buddy from Sketchtavern Mike actually did animation in Narnia... it was insane. What are the odds of knowing someone who did something in a movie you can watch?


Hey what ever ended up happening with that weight loss thread?


contest over prizes are being sorted out... did you send your gift cert?


nope. I didn't know it ended. lol. I'll take care of it friday


yeah i'm bumping. just try and stop me!

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