Button Bat

  • by Klynx
  • posted Jun 19, 2007

A Fruit Bat's collection of buttons, including a smiley face bat, the Indonesian flag, fruit, a fly, and "JUST HANGIN AROUND"

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A Fruit Bat's collection of buttons, including a smiley face bat, the Indonesian flag, fruit, a fly, and "JUST HANGIN AROUND"


If I wear this and someone asks me what it is, I say "there's a bat and that's his button collection..."

maybe no-one will ask, they'll just understand.


I'm not sure why he has buttons, but if he had stolen Rolex's I'd be laughing my head off.


Ha! I was thinking the exact same thing as paaron46. With the watches I'd give it a perfect $5!

Genevieve S.

I love the concept, but your bat really looks like a bear to me. With pointy ears. I like it on the green shirt best :)


I agree with paaron46^ if he had rolex's Id be instiches

Christoph Jenkins

If it was rolexes and stuff, I'd put 5$, but with buttons? 4...


The bat seems to be missing his feet, but I like the design concept!


it'd be cute if it looked like it would be hanging off the shirt collar. $5. i love bats and buttons what can I say.


I agree with the bat looking likea bear. 4?

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

Haha hilarious. ktox comment made me laugh too.


rolies and poshas done drove me crazy! i cant even pronounce nuttin, yo pass that versaysee.


To the bat bear people - that's what fruit bats look like!


Ow. Body piercing. More colors.


I think it'd be better if he had things to sell under his wing..

like a gypsy or something.. selling things from his coat :]

But it's still great :)


this is such a cute conept.
maybe the bats ears should be bigger? then again, i'm not an expert on bat anatomy.


This is funny concept, maybe it more interesting if the bat face more in cartoon look, or if it doing a nughty smile. I agree to with Jessie :D


Clever concept but I don't think you quite pull it off. I agree with brainboxz and the guys talking about stolen Rolexes.


Haha..I agree with paaron46!!

Miss Haha

hahaha Rolexes would be awesome!


I am a total bat lover! I DO think he needs his feet though, he looks odd without them. Still, I really like him!!!


I love this! I so hope it gets printed. Great work!


You know the nazis had pieces of flair that they made the jews wear.


I don't understand the buttons thing, they look like merit badges to me. and if they are supposed to be like merit badges, what's up with the one with the eye on it, bats are known for sonar not eyesight.

Simon Cowell

The execution of the drawing is poor at best. Your linework is your biggest problem. The concept is ok, but pretty weak and the colour schemes you've chosen are just horrid. His body also looks a bit like a turd.


I agree about the hot watches, maybe a few gold chains...


it looks like it has a bear head


Small problem, and what made it look like merit badges to me too:

The light on the bat itself is from the left, since the shadows are on the right. But the light on the buttons appears to be from the right, since the shadows there are drawn on the left-- which makes them look like the shadows on an internal rim of something concave. So they all look like merit badges with raised outer edges.

Still a cute idea and a rockin' design, and I would assume that if they printed it, they'd let you fix that bit. So if they do, I hope that you do.


i like the concept but the bat's face doesn't look quite right to me...


ooh i love pins


watches would be amazing, but still cool


I love this but I'm not crazy about the placement.

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