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Morning Ritual

While we all run off to work in the mornings (and have to deal with horrible things like nuclear war and alien abductions!), the cat sits down in the middle of whatever you were doing and gloats that he gets to sleep all day.

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While we all run off to work in the mornings (and have to deal with horrible things like nuclear war and alien abductions!), the cat sits down in the middle of whatever you were doing and gloats that he gets to sleep all day.


it's a beautiful/creepy design, I just wish it wasn't all black!


i love it! but i agree with the whole black color thing.

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it's b/w because of the critiques.. people preferred it that way. another option is shown on blue there, which was also very nice, but more people liked it this way, so i went with it.


i love kitties & B&W.
I want this shirt....eeeek!!!


Fantastic!! I hope it gets printed!!!

Genevieve S.

Really terrific work! You've done an amazing job making it look 3-d without even using any shading (!! head implodes) and I love how you've drawn the cat. The concept made me smile, too.

The only thing that bothers me a little is the drips on the coffee mug - they don't look quite right to me, but I can't say why.

I would totally wear this on black and white.




Awesome. The guy getting abducted by aliens in the newspaper is a nice touch.


Gorsh. This is so cute. $Five big ones


That's almost the level of scraggly fluff the real Killer has.


Awesome! $5

Love the peaceful sleeping cat over the mushroom cloud.


cute... this is my cat in a nutshell. i love it =] $4


the cat being black and white like that looks too much like a skunk from a distance. Maybe if he was just all white for on a black shirt, or all black for on a white shirt ?


I'm really undecided about wether I want some colour in this. Sometimes I think yes and sometimes I think no. I'm giving it a 4 but that could change if you showed me it works better just like this.


Adorable and unsettling, but mostly adorable. I love this!


Aww I liked the stripey cup (see critique). Still nice though :)


cat. shelf. chest. shelfchest. chestshelf. cat.

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about color in the design.... the idea was for the cat and the newspaper and the coffee to be black and white. daily newspapers are printed only in b/w, coffee is called "black", and i felt that the cat being b/w just enforced the tone of the piece. i tried to do a more calico-type cat, but it just didn't go. i wouldn't be against putting the whole design on a different color (see critiques, light blue looked really good), but i think that adding color to the design itself weakened the image.


black & white, black & white, black & white

Color would ruin it.


I love this. So does my mom. So would my aunt.


Black and white is definately the way this should go. Excellent design! $5


Love this design! I would wear it with my black pants. Dad


Too cute for me but execution is perfect.


I absolutely love this! Its so sweet and beautiful! 5$


Oh my goodness, I love this! The newspaper black and white. The everyday mix of our comfortable small world mingling with (bad) news from the big outside world... Genius!


If this was printed, I would definitely consider buying it. $4.


This is adorable. I would consider buying it.


The color dosen't bother me...I'd love it probably buy it !!!


haha i love this its cute.


i like the newpaper articles haha. gives the piece an eery touch.


I love that while the world is going to hell in a handbasket, we can all still have our calming morning rituals. 4


The details make it work. You see the design and then when you look further, you see the cross word, the end of the world and aliens... and the cat is oblivious. Just noticed the drips on the coffee cup too.

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thanks for all the votes and nice comments everybody! only 2 days left.... this is my first sub, and i'm very excited to see how it turns out.


I love the concept. I do agree with the all black though, I'm not a fan of that, and I saw it as a skunk first also. I think the white stripe down the back just doesn't work, especially if you're going to stick with only black and white.

I don't know that I'd buy it in its current state but I absolutely love the concept.

(I also love the idea that the guy has the paper open to a page talking about war and aliens and he decided to do the crossword instead.)


the alien adbuction is soooo good


Awesome. $5.

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thanks for all the support, everybody. 2.31 is a respectable score... probably won't be printed, but i'm happy with my first effort!


love it. but dont like the dripping on the cup. love the cat. C:


I don't see creepy myself
Like the whole design
Don't alter a thing
its great!


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