play with your hand 02

  • by Ni Ni
  • posted Jun 19, 2007

Watch this

it's ok... i think it would be cuter in a brighter color or at least have some color in it... but the design is creative.


oh colour would be cool!

Ni Ni

i dont consider colors cause i want make the image like a magical old photography,and for that reason,black and white version is the best choice

Ni Ni

thanX for feeds !


I like no color. but what are the girls jumping for?

Ni Ni

for the ball
an old basketball

P and P

its so cool~but i think maybe you can make another tone to express the old photograghy.anyway i like your design. 5

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

The hand that just stops is kind of killing the design. Fading it away with some halftones or god...I don't know, anything else, maybe even having it come down from a cloud or something might work better but now it's just like..."Why is the giant severed hand giving those nice kids a ball?"


I think you should make it clearer that it's a ball... I was thinking it was a pea or something.


i would love it if it weren't just vectored images. The idea is cool but drawing it yourself is the way to go.

Ni Ni

jpiatt ,thanx for your advice,i ll take them

Blorgazz, i think you r right, i m goin to pick up the pen right now , thank you so much

Ni Ni

it loose but i m so happy for getting your precious comments


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