Please Do Not Tap On Glass

  • by stfeline
  • posted Jun 18, 2007

Hey, this is my first design! Hope you all like it!


St Feline

Watch this

Hey, this is my first design! Hope you all like it!
St Feline


i like the concept, but i think it might be to anime for threadless.


Very nice...mabye, a darker color would be great...


Awh, this is a really cute shirt and the concept is neat.


Not crazy about the perspective of the tail, makes it look stubby or something. Her hair's great though.


Yea...don't like anime. Are those little boobs on top? Pretty Awkward.


i think it's cool

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Eek, that body just does not seem to be the correct proportions to me. It makes me physically uncomfortable to look at. (The idea of this is not bad, but the execution needs some work. Critique next time?)


I'd fix the perspective a little -- her breasts seem to be melting into her tail -- and give her less ultra-shiny gooey anime eyes. Do that, make the shirt darker, and I'd definitely buy because I love the concept. :)


way too anime, try to make it more trendy-y


Bah. dont pass something by just because it is anime ish. I agree with the prospective. it makes it look like the tail starts right at her arm pits and starts to bend there too. otherwise I love it


I like the face a lot. WTF was someone talking about with little boobs up there?


So...anime isn't trendy-y? Well...I love anime and I see a lot of people with anime on their clothes, bags, whatevs. I know it's not for everyone but I wouldn't just dismiss it because it's not my taste. I see a lot of shirts here that I don't like the style of and would never wear, but I appreciate the artistry. As for the perspective...I works in my eye, but like I say, everyone is going to see it differently. The idea I was going for was foreshortening. She's supposed to be swimming horizontaly in front of you so you wouldn't see her hips or most of her torso, and then well...she's a mermaid so you'd obviously see her tail. At first when I learned about forshortening I was like "This looks so wrong..." but that's the thing about the human (or mostly human) body...sometimes, it really does look crazy! Anyway, thanks for the comments, guys! ^_^


its ok, it really is a cool idea. maybe you should try making a more elaborate version.
it would be cool if you showed a whole aquarium or something.


not anime enough


I like the anime. And the idea, it's good and makes you wonder. :) And it's cool how you show she's behind glass and fitting with the color of the shirt. Nice design!


I like the anime look but that still has some of your uniqueness to it. Work with the body position and I would buy this! 4


its nice the way you did the hands pounding on the glass-- and concept-- I'd re-do the face to be more your own style instead of anime-- and work on the body.


I think it's great! I'd buy it in a heartbeat! The foreshortening idea is inspired and does give the impression of her tail twisting around but behind her. Hope that makes sense. The symbolism is wonderful. Well thought out with the colour of the tshirt. Very expressive eyes, she looks sad and bewildered, like she's saying I hate this, how did I get here? I also like that you thought to put pressure marks where her hands meet the glass. Nice touch. All in all? Well done. I wish I was talented enough to pull something this good off. Good luck.


Love the design, but not the t-shirt color.


It's cute! I like the anime style for this particular concept.

I a not usually into the semi-naked or naked-female designs, but I like this one.

novel escapist

Even if you are doing foreshortening, she doesn't have any torso or hip-like shape, which you still would pick up on, and mermaids typically have a human shape still in their torso. I couldn't execute the drawing properly, but the people do have a point. I do think the concept is beautiful, though.


needs a bit of work but it's a nice concept.


What's strange for me here is the only really anime element is the eyes. They contrast the rest of the image in a strange way, which I think could really work for you and your budding style. It's a wicked first submission and I look foward to seeing what you do next!


The concept is great! But I think it's a tad bit too anime. Well, a lot actually. Good luck!


fantastic idea


I love the idea, but it IS a little too anime for threadless. I'm a big anime fan, though!


I think we get the concept of foreshortening. And no, it DOESN'T look crazy if it's done right. You just have to find a way to make it work, whether it's a darker tail, or just a less awkward pose. Right now... it looks like she's pregnant.

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i know it's been said but I think it's too anime... and don't get me wrong... I really like anime. I just don't like wearing it.

Also I agree with flippinheck. I think the forehortening needs just a little bit of work. Her upper torso is much smaller than her tail right now.

Lastly I'd suggest more detail in the curling tendrils of her hair. I think that would add alot of pretty flow. I really don't like the hair as just a big solid blue shape.

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