beastly kingdom

  • by rcatron
  • posted Jun 18, 2007
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Paula Abdul

I would definitely love to see this up close. I do not however like the shape of the water...I think it's almost distracting.


this is seriously a nice idea, though i agree the background shape is a little weird.

TerryMakesStuff profile pic Alumni

Really not much clearer on your site, but I like the idea.

Would really like a better look at how it was done though.


wow. i like the penguin that sticks up as that little piece of antarctica that you always see on a map with this perspective. i disagree about the water shape; i like it and an oval would have been boring. beautiful!

an even bigger version than what's currently on your site might be helpful...


it looks like those ecko shirts except those are all rhinos... i like it tho the background is a little distracting


Just make the whole shirt that blue color. Otherwise it is awesome!


AWESOME!!!!!! THIS IF F%@#$!&ING COOL!!!!!
PRINT THIS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


That's a pity the "larger" pic in your site is also so small.
And the background is nice!

Just a question: is that an hippo making most of Brazilian coast? I can't see it clearly...


^ Agreed with quovadis, make the entire shirt blue.
It's awesome.


ahhh thats so cool!!!
yea lose the square and its all good


It's hard to see, but are all the animals geographically correct? I'm thinking they are since I see a polar bear in Canada and a panda bear in the Far East. I hope it is like that throughout.

Alexandra Marie

Remove that huge blue thing and this would be wonderful.


You could totally take out the background shape and it'd look fine. just put it on a blue shirt so it looks like an ocean.


yeah but it on a blue shirt and id buy it!


Awesome, but the blue shape is distracting.


The background is annoying, but otherwise this is really nice.


i love the design ix-nay the background


Wheres antarctica? other than that its amazing..$5

hellofromthemoon profile pic Alumni

how about no background shape on a blue t-shirt?


get rid of the blue.

This is awsome, I saw a wood carving like this once before (animals making up the landmasses of the globe).

Without the blue 5$. So take it out and re-sub PLZ! I love the rest.


Loose the water and provide a zoom function. You should think about resubbing this. 3 for now.


okay. I want this. Print it!!!


What animals make up NZ?


Probab't weird furry one's :)

I need a detail to score this although I'm feeling a 4/5 coming on!


Yeah, definitely get rid of the box...It's a great idea though


is it the monkey-eating-eagle for the philppines?


Yeah lose the background shape and just have it plain on the shirt... maybe different colours for the continents? Otherwise, kickarse.

tommybeans can u do??? is cool

rcatron profile pic Alumni

My wife also hates the blue background. I have should have listened.

A larger version is available at:

NZ is made of a kiwi and a kakapo
the Brazilian coast is a tapir
and I used a flying lizard for the Philippines

I hope the new link can answer any future questions.

Thanks for the criticisms! They were constructive.


just make the shirt that blue color and remove the shape thingy then itd be really cool. id buy it just to get a close up look at it because i can tell that the art is done well.


need to work on that background... but the actual animals are great... 5


think the image is brilliant, remove the water and place on light blue tee $5


Oh! Now I can fully appreciate this. It's really a masterpiece!
I still like the background, but I guess I'm outnumbered here... =P


I like the water shape, gives a bit of depth/perspective, but I do agree it's a bit blatent against the creamy shirt.

Lovely design though, love the way you've got the animals in about the right areas of the globe.


Better background, better define the individual animals with clear outlines, and I think you're SET.


why don't you just put it on a blue shirt?


Excellent design but the teeshirt colour is weak and doesn't bring up the design. The blue sea is unnecessary. Much more effective if the design was on a strong-coloured tee, minus the sea. Then I would definitely buy it.


great job. looks like it took A LOT of work. I agree with getting rid of the box, otherwise its awesome


yea, i couldn't see a good image on ur site. but from what i can see it looks really cool! 5$


yeah get rid of the background, and 5$


get rid of the blue ocean thing, put it on a blue shirt, and then for the love of god print this shirt $5


^ agreeing to username22.

that would be perfect. $5


animals!! this is awesome.. but i'm not sure about the water. still its a $5


simply amazing!

idance electric

awesome but there is no Tasmania!! Its like youve cut of Australia's foot!!!!!!

Its fantastic tho, very clever, I do agree with the no background. but Id like it on a white shirt still, just black and white. That might just be me.

top points!


Putting this on a blue shirt would be a good idea, but it needs to be the right shade of blue. I really don't see a whole lot wrong with the shape you have on it now. I would buy this shirt iin a heart beat! $5


I love it, very original to me


lose the water and put it on a pale blue shirt. That would be awesome.

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