under my skin

  • by joslin
  • posted Jun 18, 2007

A new one, hope you'll like it :)

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A new one, hope you'll like it :)

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

It's really nice!


uhmm... penguin hands?
but i like it


Like it a lot, 5


i agree with funkcool. the hands are distracting the way they're drawn.

The Jolly Brewer

very odd, something quite compelling about it....

Maybe it's the norks!

Hands are a little odd as mentioned.

The King

I think the hands are fine


it would look like my breats were eating her!! :o

Simon Cowell

This is great. A little risky having her nude, but I think it turned out fantastic. The hands look fine, not sure why people are complaining about them.


great idea and draw


I love this shirt 5


The hands look peachy keen, it fits in with the whole style! Nice work, please submit lots of stuff, Threadless needs more talented subs :D


Really cool design but I couldn'r wear it with the current placement (the whole inbetween the boobs thing)

playing in the rain
playing in the rain profile pic Alumni

Thats pretty cool. I like the hands. I draw hands similarly. The only thing that bothers me is the head in relation to the body. It just looks a bit too distorted. Still, 4 from me.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

This is hot, and awesome. Not sure where I'd where it.... but anyway I love it, just want to see it larger on the shirt.


the hands are perfect! 5


Great design but not sure who would wear it as a T.


I'd wear it as a T. 5$


i agree. the hands look like claws or something. fix that and this shirt would be great.


heh, "norks."

great, now I'm a 10 year old boy. thanks, Jolly Brewer!


sweet tits.



it's funny how nobody mentions the boobies on this one. I guess they only howl if it's sexual. You may want to add a light t-shirt line a la the "comics code" since it's pretty tame already. And I'd like to see some hair coming out of her indentation since no-one gets swallowed in fabric without messing up their hair. I like it though. 4 from me


I think it's a great drawing, but I would never wear it.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

I guess they only howl if it's sexual.

What do you mean? This design is quite sexual... well, maybe more sensual... but that's part of its appeal I think.


o0oh@ i just realize! tittiess!! ahha i want it


you're totaly right about my purpose on this picture.
Thank you so much again!


you're totaly right about my purpose on this picture.
Thank you so much again!


thank you soooo much for all your comments, good or bad, it's a pleasure to see people react :)


I'm not sure to understand everything you said because my english is not good enough to understand words like "norks" (but it sounds funny, doesn'it?) I don't know what to think about the hands, I'm sure to like the left one maybe the right one is not good enough... hm... not sure ^^ But I can understand that some of you don't like it. Some of you said that the drawing will be cool larger on the t shirt, I think I agree with it in the end.


you're totaly right about my purpose on this picture.
Thank you so much again!


grrrr! Comments doesn't work well! What the...! End of my comment:
murgles: thank you a lot, you're nice ;)
joshhupp: I don't mind to see boobies on this picture and I don't want to cheat adding a tshirt line on it but maybe you're right for the hair coming :)
ladykat: you're totaly right about my purpose on this picture.
Thank you so much again!


ok, I can understand boobs :D thank you ^^


More vibrant colour - say, white lines on red or dark neon lines on olive background - and I'll buy it. Love simple, neat prints like this.


I think it would look better with some hair, and on red with white lines =3 I like the boobs too, and the placement =p


good concept but the hands look too much like Ssm Flores hands.


several hundred times better than your other subs. :)


I really like it as-is.


It's quite tasteful really.


This is a fabulously beautiful design. I love how she's cuddling herself into the wearer's chest. ...I also think the nudity is really tasteful and beautiful. I've seen drawings of girls wearing much more clothing that were far less tasteful than this. I really, really hope this gets printed. Just one small detail: I would also love to see some of her hair draped across the sheet, perhaps off to her right. The hands look great. $5. (^_^) Keep on rockin'.


it looks like she's trying to eat her boob. that said, nice drawing.

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