Little bird's in heaven now

  • by Lupencia
  • posted Jun 15, 2007
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wullagaru profile pic Alumni

this is gorgeous I love your work it always has such a whistful feel to it


it doesn't need an explination, it's just a lovely design

i would wear this $5

Mr Rocks
Mr Rocks profile pic Alumni

Why should something as beautiful done as this need an explanation. This is so brilliant!! I am completely gobsmacked. Well done, a welcome return. $5


beautiful work!


This will totally win. I love the colour scheme and smooth lines. +5




This is beautiful! I love birds and I love this design. The angel-y bird's arms are a little confusing, and I don't like how fat she is, but damn it all I'm willing to look past that.

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

The dead bird's curl reminds me of the design "e"

MeLa de Gypsie

oh this is good... and it'll actually look nice on forest green.. $5

g-regulate profile pic Alumni

beautifully done. this is lovely.

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

wow! looks great on both colourways

jess4002 profile pic Alumni

fantastic! $5

cronobeaker profile pic Alumni

Very beautiful design! 4+

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

love it! $5!


beautiful beautiful, i love your work!! amazing 5

MrDomino profile pic Alumni

Amazing illustration, excellent execution of concept and a beautiful composition. A sure print.

Daniel San

I love it, just not on green... $5


Dang it. Can you give me your drawing talent please? I'll be carefull with it! $5


no explanation necessary... stunningly beautiful!... take a bow $5

rain and reverie

bittersweet and beautiful. i like it best on green but either of the versions are great. ..oh and $5!

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

woa... I love this. 5$ for sure.


You're back! With a very very pretty design!

I love the way the big yellow bird cradling the little green one mirrors the human cradling her dead bird... though I'm wondering whether that's a powerful spirit bird comforting the spirit of the recently-deceased little bird, or if the yellow spirit is actually that of the dead yellow bird and the green bird its comforting symbolises how it wants to make the (green) human feel better...

And anyone who is going to attack me for trying to explain this, STFU, I enjoy analysing stuff even if it wasn't intended by the artist.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Look people in the blogs, Vinde's over there now hiding behind her books and theories...ATTACK!!!!

Jus playin, dearie!

Woah momma....this design is something i don't think i'd wear, but is awe-inspiring just the same. A rare 4 given from me without a $ attached....great and unique work!


I'm so confused. Just kidding. $5

Randy Jackson

This is what it's all about dawg! Straight up. You got the yo factor dude. Welcome to the dawg house!

vbarnhart profile pic Alumni

creative and free...nice.


Am I the only one who has noticed two pairs of arms? They are quite confusing.

Simon Cowell

This is the best design currently being voted on in the competition. You're going to Hollywood!

bsmana profile pic Alumni

flawless... great job!

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