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  • by prawnporn
  • posted Jun 15, 2007

Bombs away!

Watch this

I could buy this and be da bomb! $5


I like the "misles" (sic) bu something about the smoke distracts me

trey is meticulous

I would like the graphic to me a shorter wider one that just goes across the chest


I agree with randychico, the smoke looks a bit weird.


Thanks for the feedback. Agree about placement on shirt, and will take another look at the smoke... PS, "misles" is intentional. It's an in-joke between us (the two people who comprise prawnporn) :)


It's called ADD, talk to your doctor about it.

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I think what people are reacting to with the smoke is that the line on the exterior is equally thick everywhere (which detracts from the illusion of depth and motion). Try varying your line width on the smoke and the missles themselves, it should add even more to the 3d effect you've created.


Removed some of the smoke which was distracting, and varied outline thickness on missiles and smoke to add to depth. Also trying a different placement on shirt...


Please leave a comment if you think the design still needs work. Thanks!


I think you've used too many colours: white, grey, darker grey, red, darker red, yellow, orange.


Plus the outline of the missiles.


5 colour version.
The flames will be a red/yellow halftone.
Feedback appreciated!


The original concept was to have the missiles bursting out of a hole, as if the hole was in the shirt, but (as these things do) it developed along a slightly different path. I like the "Acme style" smoke spirals, as if the missiles are coming down on you from the sky...

It is 5 colours:
1. White
2. Grey
3. Darker Grey
4. Red
5. Yellow.

The gradient on the flame will be made up of red halftone dots on yellow.


More cartoony, less complicated smoke this time.
C'mon people, you know you want Acme missiles bursting out of YOUR chest :)


Ok I think this is the one!
Combined the style of the smoke from v4 with the more dynamic spiral shape from previous versions... feedback appreciated!

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