Phantom of the Opera

  • by fade2red
  • posted Jun 14, 2007

oh and thats a real song from it, lyrics and notes lol, i know how threadless ppl like to test ya. lol.

Watch this

oh and thats a real song from it, lyrics and notes lol, i know how threadless ppl like to test ya. lol.


:) which song is that in again?


i loooooove this! has a great flow! 5 5 5 5 $


i like how you did the phantoms mask! $5!


i love the phantom of the opera! 5 !


give it up for this staff design. america has spoken: BORING.




haha i'm with ihugrobots, what is the deal with the american idol people?

anyways, i like it, it's creative, i like the play

da Face

I love the Phantom of the Opera as well, but I wonder what song this is, because (I'm pretty positive) it is not from Phantom. I could be wrong though, I just doubt it. $4.

Simon Cowell

Ryan Seacrest knows nothing, he is just a host that is trying to judge like the big boys. The concept isn't too boring, but once again you don't have the skills to properly execute the design. Work on your art skills or your ability to use the applications you are working in.


r u effing serious? first Simon. Then Paula. Then Randy. Now Ryan? doesn't anyone have any originality?!?!?!


love the tee by the way $5


im 90% sure that is from the opera, i was on its website looking up lines and notes. thx for the comments everyone.


i agree, i like how you did the mask. change the style a little.. i think it looks a little funky, on the shirt.


Is that from the film version? Because as far as I can recall, it isn't in the stage version.

I am Amadeus

I like it. However, I think lower portion of the mask looks slightly like the united states.


i love the whole phantom of the opera thing, but it really bugs me how the staff isn't actually a staff. to the point that i would probably buy it if it looked like a staff. but that's probably just me...


i have never drawn music so i tried to copy it best lol


Looks really great on the black. Maybe if you added some shading it would beef up your design a bit. It's got potential, that's for sure!

Quid Pro Quo

I love how the mask is done but I think the placing is kind of poor. Pretty good though I'll 5 it because i like the idea but if it doesn't win please develope it more and try it again.


I love the mask part but the rest needs a little work...make it look more smooth


I like your idea a lot but add me to the list of people who can't figure out what song this is... at first I thought it was from the lesser known musical that is just called "Phantom," but I couldn't find this lyric in that musical either.


This shirt would get a 5 from me if the lyrics were actually from Phantom....I'm 99% certain that they are not!


Yea, Phantom of the Opera is really in F minor (or Ab Major, depending on how you see it). For future reference, it's in D minor, the key with one flat (that's the little 'b' after the treble clef). I'm sorry we had to have this discussion.


Yeah...that's not Andrew Lloyd Webber. Great design idea tho. 2 since it's the wrong lyrics.


do it again with a real Phantom of the Opera song, and I'd buy it in a heart beat


damn sorry people., i looked it up on googel it said notes and bars from the phantom of opera. :(


Wow, when did the American Idol judges join threadless??


Fix it and it'd be a 5 and buy. Try doing "Masquerade," "Music of the Night," or even "Think of Me"


This is a fantastic idea, I love POTO!


im really sorry, but your manuscript is so not real it makes me hate the shirt,,,
the lines are so big... and the clefs are wrongly placed
research ?


lol if this doesnt win(which i think it wont) i shall re do the lines and clefs(which i was looking at music and never wrote music before), also add "real" lyrics. lol thx for all the good advice. im glad ppl enjoy the "idea" of it.


looks like it says "my heart is buming"


this is sooooooo beatuful...

  1. That's not from Phantom of the Opera.
  2. Needs to be redrawn.
    But I do like the concept, and I love Phantom of the Opera.
    Critiques then resubmit, please?

A pretty neat concept...clean it up and you're golden.


Please clean this up!


Ok, rather than complaining I will actually be helpful.

First on the design aspect add some shading, it would help out the perspective a lot. Music wise each clef (the funky looking things at the beginning) should get 5 lines and the text should be in the middle. You might not want to do that for simplicity's sake, but if you were worried about accuracy I have the phantom of the opera sheet music which you could reference.

Finally, I think the best line would be:
'you will curse the day you did not do, all that the phantom asked of you' or simply 'all that the phantom asked of you' -from "all I ask of you (reprise)"
'sing once again with me, our strange duet' -from "the phantom of the opera"

Send it back to critiques, nice try but it's not ready yet.


thx dabem, i really appreciate helpful info, like i said i have never written sheet music so i was looking at screen and drawing lol. i will for sure research a lil harder next time around.


The music part of it doesnt make sense... a lot of it anyways... the staff is screwed up and a lot of the notes are in wrong positions and stuff...
It jus doesnt work


I suggest using lyrics from Music of the Night. Or perhaps just find the musical score and put in the notes, without the words. I think perhaps that may work even better.


Love Phantom; definitely caught my attention.

I like the concept, but I think the design needs to be refined a little. It seems too... blunt? Using different line widths would make the lineart more interesting, perhaps and I do agree that the staff needs to be corrected. It looks sloppy.

Keep working at it, though. I think you've got something cool, here!


Really cool, I just wish there was a little more of the mask.


I like the idea, but it was terribly executed.



Sorry to add another criticism, but the handwriting looks a little... childish?

Is it possible to change it, and of course change the lyrics as well.


I also like the idea a lot, but I wouldn't wear the phantom of the opera on my t-shirt, or any musical for that matter.


dont like words or maybe if it where more just typed text maybe that would look better anyways i like alot just think some touch ups! and it would be a 5


its got like a lil time left to vote on. im happy with the helpful ideas and not so helpful ones. i got work to be done on my art, start adding more shading, more detail, i can i just get lazy and that shows in art. thx everyone :)


LOve the concept..

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