Why do I have 5 days left?

5 days until I get my paycheck and can buy the "I Don't Want To Grow Up" shirt I want.

5 days until the school year ends (!!!!).

5 days until the all out- all alone- all way cool trip with my friends.

5 days until I can see him.

Maybe freezing myself so the time passes faster isn't a good idea, I guess I did learn something from SP :P

Watch this

I've been out of school since May 31.

by a freak glitch in the time space continuum, Slartibartfast will mistakenly abduct you and steal your money in order to pay for Earth Mark 3, which will once again be destroyed by Vogons for an intergalactic highway.


South Park :P, an episode with Cartman and the Nintendo Wii.. nevermind :P

now, besides 42, what does all the hitchhiker stuff have to do with anything? -

miss mraz

haha i loved that episode


It was great! with the woodchuck-lotra thingis..

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