There is a god...

My greatest geek-out subject (I just wrote a huge term paper on it) is realized in t-shirt form.
Where is my friend el chupacabra? /cry
However, yey for this shirt, I am making no hesitation to own it.

Watch this
Kublai Khan

Aye, I have to agree with cryptozoology being one of the greatest subjects in the world. I also am slightly disappointed with the omission of our FLGS (Friendly Local Goat Sucker)...

Viva La Sasquatch!


I am making no hesitation to own it as well. I'm just upset about the lack of... shit... it was there in my head and now its gone. :\<br /> i.e. hippogriff, griffon, unicorn, pegasus, dragons, to be completely vague.
it wasn't any of those, it was something much cooler, i promise.


I'm very sad there isn't a chupacabra on it, but I bought it anyway ^_^

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