If this design wins, I will donate the money to the aids foundation.

Watch this

If this design wins, I will donate the money to the aids foundation.


funny, like it on white! makes me horny.


well you don't have to worry about that, because it won't get printed.


issa condom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $5 for putting a rubber on a shirt

Simon Cowell

This design is taking AIDs pretty lightly if you ask me. On American Idol Gives Back, we raised over 70 million dollars, part of which went to The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria. That was done with class and not making light of something as serious as AIDs. Please rethink your subject matter.
Flying Mouse's AIDs design was much more successful.

Christoph Jenkins

Heres a rule for sesigning: Do you think most people, or for that matter you, would wear this shirt??

Paula Abdul

Oh sweetie you are so thoughtful!


this is an awesome shirt
great idea! and great meaning!!


Uhm, no offense but I agree with Chris Jenkins. I don't know anybody who would wear this at all.


making light of the aids situation a bit...i wouldnt wear this


It gets the idea across no?
Protect yourself and you are helping curb the Aids spread.
I like, .....................dont see what the negative response is about.


HAHA ditto about the ghostbusters thing


That's rude, pooner. and all the others thinking that this shirt is making light of AIDS. I think it's a good message. It gets it across in a fun way rather than a boring sex-ed way. I'd like to see this printed!


sure you know you wouldn't buy this shirt if it got printed.


what's with the simon cowell and paula abdul?


Yeah, they probably aren't the real people and besides, the shirt "simon" linked to was depressing. I gave it a zero because it is not something our children need to be worrying about like that kid obviously is.
This shirt I gave a 3 because it is a little too cute for this subject matter. But it's a good idea. Maybe if the little dude was hanging from the ribbon it might seem a little better.


@Mograt. Our children don't need to be worrying about Aids? What planet do you live on? It's a huge issue that needs to be shown to as many people as possible around there world. How are our kids going to know they have to care if they don't know anything about it? You can't protect them forever and it's a nasty world to suddenly wake up in.

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@ Mograt: I agree with tobasco. I think the whole point of the other shirt was not to be depressing, but to be real. The point of the shirt was the kid actually had HIV/AIDS. Kids have it, and other kids should know what a horrible pandemic it is. If we shield our kids from everything that we think is a little too 'mature', I shudder to think of what our next generation is going to become.


Whether anyone thinks that this is taking a major issue lightly or not, at least nilludesign is TRYING to educate and help a rapidly growing problem. Each of us have to find a way to communicate and help. Condoms do help in Africa. I heard on NPR the other day that increased "Truth" condom sales due to sexy/funny advertising have made a significant difference. I think, and I'm probably incorrect, that it was an %8 decrease or something. So, condom advertising DOES help. And anyone willing to give proceeds to the charity has my respect.


i liked the idea and the promoting of usuing protection but i would never were it, sorry


Dude aids suck so why not make fun of it, If a shirt like this is printed and in some way makes one person think about aids as it has done already on this site I think it does a good job.

I am guessing that it would also not be ok to make lite of cancer or any other sickness. What ever

Cold Collards

Submitter's heart was in the right place. But "use a rubber" has become a bit too simple of a slogan. See, converted Catholics in Africa don't use birth control. And if in 2007 a ribbon or shirt design heightens your "awareness" of this global pandemic, the rest of us feel terrible for you.


Absolutely important message! I think there should be more shirts like this! 500 Points for this one. Greetz


Fun, ckeeky and gets the message across. I'd definitely wear it. Nice one.


i think its a good idea but it is making too lightly of the situation, it gets a 4 from me.
i would wear it but not often, it needs to have a bolder message and not make people go "ROFL AIDZ!"
AIDs is serious so maybe it would be better without the condom guy, just the red ribbon on the front. I like the ribbon its big and bold and then some form of a message on the back?


good message but not something i would personally wear because its a bit disturbing thats theres a happy condom on it.


i don't like it.


i think it's great!



omg i thought it was the ghostbuster guy at first... then realized.. yeah


this is terrible.


condoms just slow down the rate of infection... they don't do much if anything to actually stop the problem


so if the ribbon has a condom, where I am going to get penetrated?


hi! amazing how many opinions you all have about the design. All that matters to me, is to remain aware of the subject. thanks to all the comments!


pretty sure this isn't making fun of'd be popular among people who aren't regular threadless customers who just look for ironic or jokey tshirts. good job nilludesign! you should submit to AIDS orgs before World AIDS Day (Dec).


I'd much rather donate the tee's cost directly to an AIDS organization than buy this as a shirt.

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