Threadless Sighting

  • by MellyBean
  • posted Jun 14, 2007

In the Auckland international airport. Possibly on the Thai airways flight to bangkok.

Watch this

I never see people wearing Threadless apart from my sister (i make her buy tee's off here.......not really, im a kind brother :) )


Me either! I got quite excited


so r u trying to find this person? like a missed connection on craigs list?

our eyes met for the briefest moment.. did you feel that too? if so, contact me..


jk.. when i see threadless i FREAK out and run up to the person and am like OMGGGGG BLAH BLAH BLAH

it happened one night at 1am at safeway. dude was wearing marshmallow factory. iw as SO JEALOUS


that would be cool, i wana walk past you wearing threadless and see how you react. lol


I saw someone on the show Last Comic Standing, an Australian comic, wearing I know why the caged bird sings.


Sorry *caged bird dreams


people ask me where i get my tees, but i never seen people wearing them. well... except on Best Week Ever and on Scrubs.


i STILL havnt seen anyone wearing Threadless :(


I saw someone in my chemistry class last year, and she has at least eight or nine, including Sharp is Relative and the Peace and Hate...Can You Tell The Difference one. It was cool. :)


I just saw this kid that used to be in my P.E. class Freshmen year that was wearing Watch The Snow Fall today. He's the first person I've seen with a Threadless tee besides myself at my school.


So far I've seen two people wear Threadless at my school. The first guy was wearing "Nothing Rhymes with Orange". When I saw it, I went "OMG!!" in my mind. Today I saw another guy wearing that zombie shirt. I was trying to position myself so that he could see my shirt (I was wearing "Well This Just Really Sucks"). Haha I'm such a loser...My school should have a Threadless club...Ooooh I just gave myself an idea =P.

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