If we all work together, **anything is possible**!

  • by cheezluva
  • posted Jun 13, 2007

I want -- no, I NEED -- this shirt reprinted.

And I was hoping that, for one magical second, the Threadless community would come together on my behalf and RALLY FOR A REPRINT.

Would I be more persuasive if I said it was for an eight-year-old girl with some type of incurable disease? Maybe leprosy, or perhaps nearsightedness?

So what do you say? Shall we all work together to get this magnificent shirt reprinted, not only for my own personal benefit, but for the betterment of mankind?

Watch this
Aesthetics of Grief

sniff That's touching, I know how depressing nearsightedness is! T_T demands reprint

Wait...what size? lol.


Men's small. And thank you, darling!


C'mon, y'all.
We need more votes to get this selfish individual her t-shirt!

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