• by gutistg
  • posted Jun 13, 2007

Watch this

I love this approach to this. its so fresh. =3


better than that other "music pirate" shirt i saw last week.


Yeah, Pirates and Music! I'm a music pirate i guess....

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aren't you the one who was ZEROing everything
and writing nasty comments last week?


I am not found of the placement but the image is good

Christoph Jenkins

Best music pirate image all month. still only amounts to a 3 or so.


this is great. would look nice on red.

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renfrue on Jun 18 '07
aren't you the one who was ZEROing everything
and writing nasty comments last week?

PLUS he's the dude who made such amazing thrill-a-minute roller coaster blogs such as "There are no good shirts on this site" and "comment here for i am asshole central." The last one is fictional, but the subtext was there.

Having said all that, I kinda like this take on the music pirate's tired concepts. It needs some severe jazzing up color-wise, either with the image itself or the shirt it is put on, but it's actually a really fun and well put-together concept.

If i was being all "oh for an oh" with this dude, I 'd give this a zero. But since it's actually pretty decent and we must rise above those who test our will to join them in their mud cavern dwelling, I will score this a 3 and say good day!


ok concept, I'd like to see it a bit more organic, maybe 16th notes instead of just with some of the manuscript lines that fade bleed into the background and the pirate flag hanging off one of at least a few more notes to the side.

you're making a blatant stament, but you can do it with a bit of energy.


I tried that, it's a design nightmare. It is either too busy, amaturish, or has no dominance.


that is SO COOL! Heck yeah I would buy it!


zomg look you can buy "music pirate" shirts at any local hot topic. My boyfriend already owns one. Sorry to be so mean but I hate all the "this is such a great concept!!" comments on something that has been done so many times before.


deadpuppy what we all believe to be a good concept is not the idea of music pirate but how the shirt is executed. The way that it is presented is new and fresh. I believeyou when you say that your boyfriend has a shirt that's about music pirates. What you should ask yourself is "Why am I with a guy that shops at Hot Topic?" I only kid. Kinda. 3$ due to its blandness.

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not threadless material


cute, i like it. simple but not too simple. i would were it because i play piano (reference to the musical note) and love pirats! good job! ^-^

aldo baldo

I really like the title you put to it, but I'm not sure I like it, I say it's simplistic and a bit more design would help. 3$


More verb? Okay I'll add some action word.


I like it, but put the image off center.


needs to be much smaller... then I'd buy it. like the concept.


Terror on the high C's !

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