Moody Stick Figure

  • by Stringboy
  • posted Jun 13, 2007

Show the world that stick figures have feelings too.

Watch this

Show the world that stick figures have feelings too.

Christoph Jenkins

Boxy, not that funny, and a bit boring.


I like the font.

Simon Cowell

I think I have a "Today I Feel" magnet like this. Except this is much worse. This concept is very tired and has been done so many times it's not worth the time to even continue to critique it. Iknow you think the final square is clever and makes your idea stand out from the rest, but really it's just not funny and comes off as crude and crass.


This is a very poor variation on a theme that has been done countless times in a multitude of forms now.


oh hey i have that today i feel magnet too.


This reminds me of my cat. She always has the same expression no matter what. And she changes it only slightly when she's really angry... I know, it's a random comment. Just thought you might like to know.

Randy Jackson

I dont know dawg. This seems kinda generic to me. Like something Ive seen many times before. You know man? The font choice ain't that great, and the joke aint realy hittin me. Keep at it man... maybe next year.


I've seen this done before, unfortunately much better.


I laughed when I saw it, good job. Maybe not the most original but I still thought it was awesome, keep up the work. ^_^


love it.
i'd like it if you 's put eyes or something on them atleast.


boo. should be with those shirts that say "You're just jealous that the voices don't talk to you" and stuff like that.


This idea has been worn out and has been done before and much better might I add. It all just seems like a complete waste of space.

Boring!! :/


Mmm, nah, gotta agree with Simon here. I have those magnets too.

The Astronomist

four letters describe my feeling for this: H A T E


Thanks for the feedback, but you did not specify the order of the letters. I can only assume you mean THEA, a college placement exam. Perhaps you wish to wear this shirt while taking the test? You should know that it has not yet been proven that this shirt will enhance ones performance on any sort of exam. Regardless, good luck!


I would buy it!

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