T-shirt length

  • by guitarpik
  • posted Jun 12, 2007

Hey, I just got my first ever threadless order. I got 5 shirts from the big sale and must say I'm very impressed.

Only thing... this shirt is wayyyyy long. It's a LOT longer than the 4 other shirts I bought. It's also the only white shirt of the 5 I got.

Are all of the white shirts on here so long, or was it just this style in particular?

Thanks in advance for your responses!

Watch this

I find that all of the shirts are slightly different to be honest. And the thickness differs depending on the colour. My red and pink ones are thinker than the light shirts.


Yeah, I got this shirt with some others, and despite the fact they're all mediums, this one is definitely bigger. Don't know why.


I could really dig longer shirts in general. I'm on the 12-Club and I'm quite agitated at my collection of short shirts. Getting the next size is really only going to make them wider, which I absolutely don't need.

1.99m, 81kg

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