Best Select Tee yet!!! Still crap!!!

So these Threadless Select designers are people who, I assume, are very talented at what they do. Otherwise Threadless wouldn't have enlisted them to design things and charge double the ordinary price. However, you'd think that with Threadless always picking different artists we would be recieving totally different designs. Not so! Every single Select Tee has something in common! Have you noticed? They all suck!! Remember the purple shirt with the giant intestinal chewing gum monster? He was fun. And now look what we have- a shirt of nouns! It's like Target teamed up with Louis Vuitton with a splash of catastrophe. Even Ross, (the model on the right) who could wrap himself in raw meat and still look hot in my opinion, seems uncomfortable wearing this shirt. It almost physically attacks you. So I'm forced to wonder, do these designers actually wear clothes? Does threadless find some new nudist or hermit from the depths of the woods each week and say "Ever hear about shirts? Feel like designing some?" In which case I say, bravo for giving these denisens of nudity a fresh opportunity into the wild and wonderful world of clothing. Unless these are regular people making this crap, whereas I really need to check out what kind of shirts they own already. Because if this is normal to them, they have a pretty serious problem.

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I didn't read this, because it's 1 big blob. You should have made it little paragraphs... but I sure hope you aren't serious about selects sucking. Most of the new ones are great!

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

i think the selects have gotten better and i want to wear most of them.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Every single Select Tee has something in common! Have you noticed? They all suck!!



I'm an art student

design something you would wear and then we'll compare

sound good?

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

Well... I really like The Bad Seed.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Yeah, Bad Seed is Select-worthy.


In my personal opinion, all of these are awesome:

And they're not meant to be normal; they're meant to be different.


I own the select Anacoana and I love it. I own 'The deep' I also love Hogboys: The Bad Seed. 'The Motive' rocks.


I love barf trip
but I can't bring myself to buy it. Someday!!
Before it sells out.


Wow - you mean you dislike something that other people like?

How bizarre. You're a freak.


hahahhaa 13 sooooo true


AgentSuprock - are you planning on submitting any designs? If I was an art student, I would totally be harnessing my skills, free time and school resources to make T designs.


I like the way you put it

Ady bear

all i can say is i know what i like and i like what i like(sounds like a genesis lyric that)-and i'm with agent on this-this is pretty awful-when i first saw this i thought threadless had started a range of pyjama's


That's what you would do were you in art school? Really? I like to paint instead.


AgentSuprock - I'm not saying that's ALL I would do, but yeah - I would rattle off a few designs, if I had the time, resources and skills of an art student. Might as well try and win some $$$.


Yeah, I'm not a big fan either. But I think in retalliation I just won't buy it.

Now, who was that up there who suggested threadless pajama pants . . .

Ady bear

me madmike!

yeah threadless pyjama's C'MON!!!!!!!


Your blog is funny.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

smoking hot is my favorite shirt


that one a very funny rant ... "denises of nudity" you have more originallity than many of these designers ...

Kojima profile pic Alumni

This shirt looks like something a grandpa/grandma would wear. But it's still cool.

Alexandra Marie

The selects are the best shirts on Threadless IMO. They depart from the "cutesy" motif of a lot of the Threadless gear to explore some more artistic avenues. All of my favorite shirts are selects.


I think this shirt just looks awkward...and therefore makes anyone wearing it look equally awkward...even, yes, Ross. (sorry Ross)


that's your opinion and im not a huge fan of this select either
but not all the selects suck
the ones i have bought have become my favorite shirts

(Never Gunna Give You Up... was worth it JUST for the copy of faesthetic that came with it, but i wear this shirt's usually my "first impression" it's usually a hit at parties, when it gets dark and drunk people see that the eyes glow in the dark)

aaaaaaaand i have this one on its way
i picked it up during the sale

in conclusion...selects can be cool
besides...if they were all amazing then there would be a lot more broke ass threadless addicts out there



As much as I disagree with this blog

it was really effin funny.


wow, I must be absoloutely MAD!
I own 17 threadless select t-shirts

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

The SkyFlakes one is .. I dunno.


yeah, i dont like this one either..... most are ok though


Agent, i agree with u 100%

i own like 15 threadless shirsts, and if any of the selects were on sale fr $10, i still wouldnt buy ne of them

well, MAYBE the union one.. but really though i dont think they're anything special either


your opinion is invalid as it is not supported with any evidence or apparent rationalization.

please try again next week.


Holyromanemporer what the hell is a "denises of nudity" rant? being a denise this worries me............................ 0_O


what exactly should a select look like to this guy? seriously, please tell


it seems i've caused quite the stir....


good work. you got some attention hooray
isnt the internet convenient?


Once you get printed 4 (5?) times, you get to make a select tee.
Maybe some artists didn't want to make a select tee - and since they were going to get this tee printed without having to TRY and make something a majority of people would love they can just slap anything they want together and laugh at the people who buy shirts for $25 that said designer just crapped out in 5 minutes without any effort behind it! yay!

(i like a few of the select shirts)

heee heee eheeee


i'm sure thats exactly what they do.


i was just throwing one possible scenario out there, and having fun with it.
it doesn't mean i believe it.

as stated, i appreciate some select tee's very much.


I personally agree with you.

MrDomino profile pic Alumni

Of course you hate a tee of icons, you're an iconoclast.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

yeah well you are crap, hahaha, love that comeback.

anyways, just because you have no taste doesn't mean you need to insult other artists. i mean you have the right to your own opinion, sadly your opinion is wrong though. not every artist wants to make a shirt of a panda smashing something.

Me for the win! sucka


wait, i thought you HAD to have a cartoony rendition of a food item or animal line art to be considered good.


ps - i dont remember where but apparently the staff can still reject your select design or ask you to change it if they dont like it/think it will the staff does actually approve the select designs it's not totally whatever the artist wants to slap on a shirt


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