not an accusation,

  • by brainstem
  • posted Jun 11, 2007
Watch this

I came in here expecting info on how the artist ripped off somebody else.

I am severely disappointed. :[


umm... its not even close?

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wow yeah talk abotu mental leaps . the two are so far apart style and content wise ....


peoples' minds work in different ways and somebody else is always going to connect two dots in a different manner.


pretty sure the disclaimer was "not an accusation." and i'm pretty sure they're acknowledging that, yes, this is a leap, and that's why it surprised them that the two remind them of each other.

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OK, so on that other painting there are wolves and bloody women's heads. On Flying Mouse's shirt design, there is an ironic juxtaposition of foxes and women's skin.

TOTAL RIPOFF! I mean, total waste of my time brainstem!


"umm," i was trying to express the fact that i like chow hon lam's design and that i also like the painting, and the former made me think immediately of the latter, in the woman's blank face and the cutesy grotesqueness. i'm sorry i've let down the controversy-hungry users of threadless (who mostly seem to be older than me, so it's not like i can even fairly accuse you of being juvenile).

i hope someone else in the world can find the ability to appreciate both.


Sorry brainstem, we are all drama queens/kings, and jump on the chance (even if a little) to get in on a juicy juicy argument or accusation. But in this case, yours isn't


meh. dont like the painting at all. nor is it clever in my opinion.

This shirt is amazing though.


Guys, seriously. She wasn't accusing Flying Mouse - she even SAID she wasn't. She was just sharing with us a connection she noticed. I know we all love him, but in the hurry to leap to his defence you guys missed that there was no attack in the first place.

Also, FA, the picture brainstem links to is also an ironic juxtaposition, and rather similar to the shirt design's one. FM's design makes the old switcharoo by having a dressy fox wearing a red-headed woman's skin in the way a fox skin is usually worn by dress women, and Lisa Alisa's design shows an Asian woman being eaten by the type of dogs that are eaten in Asia. Similar concept and not a leap at all. :)


not that im being mean or 'how dare you' blah blah. .. im just saying... they dont look anything alike in style or idea or anything.


Vindemiatrix, exactly, I'm sure that's the connection she saw... it's what I saw as well.

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