Butt of the Joke

Watch this

blink ... are you serious?

This submission is rather thin on content. ... i get it. But im just not getting it. Why is this clever and funny? I cant really figure out why. ... I like the butt though. For the crease in the butt, which is rather nicely done, you get a 1 out of 5.

Christoph Jenkins

The butt of the joke... Haha. Most people hate puns nowadays. I don't hate them, but this is pretty awful.


Well... it's definitely awkward...

konami kode

that could be mistaken for a couple other things other than a butt... but even without that, this concept isn't one worth printing, in my opinion.

I Ruff You

i buried him.
i knew this one wouldnt do well. oh well, i gave it a shot.


yeah, puns really suck.

I Ruff You

but, you'd still buy it!? thanx man!

Christoph Jenkins

When someone adds the $, they'd buy! See? It's that simple!


whats if i do this $-15? thats mean you'd have to pay me 15 buy this.

I Ruff You

You, sir, are hilarious. Where could I ever learn more about your comedic skill? Maybe your enormous slogans page?


anyone who says they wouldn't wear this takes themselves too seriously. it is funny.


Well, I'm not going to be a jerk an tell you why this doesn't work / isn't funny ... mostly because I think you know this was kind of phoned in anyways.

Don't get discouraged on visual puns, though ;-)

0, anyways. HAKAS!



The Ending

this isnt catchphrase.


no no no no no no no no no......NO!!! $0

Paula Abdul

Lovely shade of pink darling!

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