Listen You Little F*@ks

  • by Vantiger
  • posted Jun 08, 2007

I made five million of these shirts earlier...

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I made five million of these shirts earlier...


Too gruesome. I don't like vampire teddy bears surrounded by strange splotches of color. Like the message, don't like the illustration.

aled profile pic Alumni

Unfortunately, due to economies of scale and the space/time continuum, mass production is an evil necessity even for individuals. Besides, individuality is not about having unique clothes - it's about differentiating yourself, intellectually and spiritually.


lol, very nicely put, Fatheed

the manatee

also: huge burn on threadless. irony overwhelms me.


I like to burn things.... you should look into purchasing a sense of humor...

the manatee

i spent a lot on shirts recently.. you know where i can get one for cheap?


those poor shirts....


i think individuals should attend mass more often as well.


I love it.
You should have a penguin or a ninja hold it though.
That would give it the true "Threadless Individualism".



I wear shirts that make people happy. 1.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

the manatee on Jun 12 '07
i spent a lot on shirts recently...

When I spend a lot on shirts, they better put out.

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

Oh yeah... about the shirt:

It makes me happy. Very amusing.



I'd wear this. But under all my hip hop gear so no one knew I was a faker.


fatheed - presumably this t-shirt agrees with you. Mass-production is a necessity, but mass-produced individualism sucks. Individualism should be, well, individual, not dictated by clothes or such things.

That said, while this is obviously ironic, I'm not sure my body could bear (no pun intended) the weight of such irony.


i carnt spel

haha i agree in part, but think the execution could have been completely different... ps, fatheed that's some deep great shit...


Hey "Fatheed" and "i carnt spel"... what ever happens with this shirt... please don't buy it.


Exactly, 13strong. Things like pre-ripped jeans or shirts made to look like they've been inexpertly customised... and of course there are monstrosities like this, which make me too angry to be coherent.


I'd wear this, only 1 crit, it would look cooler with a few less drips.

Little Miss Radio

I like the insane bear, but not the statement on the board, it's not that I don't agree with it, but I wouldn't wear it on a t-shirt


I'm down with that message =] $4


Vindemiatrix~ HOLLY CRAP! That's a load of BS right there! Why would anyone IN THEIR RIGH MIND want to buy that!?
Arggggggghh... that makes me mad just looking at it.

design..right. Haha I like itand I'd buy it just because I'd like to see what people would say to me as I walked down the street or even school haha ^_^


msg= +++coolness
graphic= ---wtf

-build it


don't let the man get you down =) love it!


slogan, yes. graphic, no.


These comments are hilarious :)


you realise that every time someone complains about massed produced individualism, they're just following what other "radicals" saying.

individuality is not about expressing yourself. its about knowing yourself.


Know this Mammoth... don't buy my shirt.


The only guy that truly gets it is.... tobasco..... good job buddy.


I can respect a man that has hip hop gear.

jpiatt profile pic Alumni

hahaaha Vantiger, I like your style and the way you handle yourself. This shirt makes an excellent point.
The fact that you submitted it to threadless is beyond hilarious. Fantastic job sir.

I love Threadless but I do always find it funny when the kids here talk about how they wear Threadless to be different and unique, ect...
There are how many people wearing Communist Party and Flowers in the Attic? Hell, even non-reprinted shirts have what? 1000+ people walking around wearing them...
If you don't think this actually happens you should look at This Blog about Threadless opening retail stores.
Some of the comments were priceless.
•"I don't want to see everyone and their brother with the same shirts as me."
•"Like, i think if they had pure shops and stuff, it would make the clothes less unique, and then pretty soon everyone would have them and it would just not be as cool"


FINALLY!!! Our Grand Prize winner..... everyone here on Threadless that reads this will walk away more inteligent and they all should thank you too.....


Oh yeah.... thanks to all the people who aren't being colons about this stupid shirt and telling me how deep their shit is...

And thanks to all the people who got butt hurt from this shirt... nice to see I am doing my job.


The deep discussion aside, it looks a bit like Mr. Burns' bear BoBo. Maybe that helps with the message?


Well.......... theyre both bears......


Haha, I love this. Had me laughing a good 5 minutes. Don't get me wrong, I love threadless and it's goodies, but... oh nevermind, tt's not like I'm gonna say something that hasn't already been mentioned. There, I made my individualism one with other comments.

Simon Cowell

Good concept, but the drawing looks like you wiped yourself with your T-Shirt.

hose dragger

I love this F*@k'en shirt!!! I hope Threadless makes a ton of money selling them too, hows that for irony!!!


Yeah, how dare people not deny their natural impulse to feel accepted and comfortable around their peers.


though, at first, i was undecided on this, i thought it was an interesting design. however, clearly the designer can't take any form of criticism and that has ruined it for me.

The Baz

It's a witty t-shirt. Not "deep"...


Hey Radtastic................................................ What are you talking about? Someone would sport the shit out of this under their "Hip Hop Gear" .... sounds to me like you need to go purchase some and put away your cranky pants.................. youre a criticism.


this shirt is amazing i want to make millions of them but not in a mass produced kinda way


I would choose a more peaceful creature holding the sign.



van i loved the shirt before i read ur comments, ill give that shit a 5 just cuz you dont take no shit lol.

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