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thats a sweet idea, i dont like that color tho, hmm maybe something brighter?


yeah I am not a fan of the green but I like the idea


This is awesome! But I agree that another color would be better.


I think the colors are awesome


Ditto. And maybe a monster with teeth. Something with a lil more edge to it. Reminds me too much of Cousin It. Otherwise, bad ass idea.


Maybe the mouse is a bit too hump backed.
Love the idea though but on a different colour tee please.


it bothers me that the mouses face is a d ifferent color from its body
other than that i really like it


great idea! different color though


All he needs are higher boots and some underwear worn on the outside of his pants. ;-) With a couple of tweaks, (maybe a more intimidating monster), this is definitely a $5. DarkArmy is on crack; I love the idea! :-D

mj00 profile pic Alumni

But he's not actually doing anything! I'd switch the rat to a bug, give the hero a can of bug spray (highlights as a raygun) and then it would work for me. But the concept itself is tight.


Love this design - 4. Change the color to something that makes the heroic outlines more noticable and the shirt from so ... pukey.

Captain Global

Great idea, but the colors need a lot of help.


Wonderful idea, love the outlines. The colors kind of remind me of Sprite. Love the idea, but i would change the rat.


The girl's left arm is weiiiird.
but instead of the rat,
i think you should do a spider.


yep, spider, it would look even more ordinary than a rat


don't think folks will agree, but would have loved to see this w/ the chick as the hero and the guy up on the chair

mj00 profile pic Alumni

I like that, chelly- along similar lines, maybe a kid and his/her mom (doesn't matter which of the two is the hero, works both ways)?

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Tom Burns is the Everyday hero.


I love the concept on this.


Any other shirt color that matches their yelloy imagination colors would be perfecto!


Awesome, but not puke green.

The Ending

I dont like the womans mouth or the rats white head. Everything else is fantastic.


Oh man, this is great - everyday heroe!! Perfect, from the concept to the execution! I just LOVE the "heroes" expression and the mouse's monster shadow :))

aled profile pic Alumni

Tom Burns. Everytime I see a bloke with an Abe Lincoln beard. Some even say Abe copied Tom's look.

Cool design!


Nice idea...
bad colors, also the rat and the woman's face seems strange!

Recycledwax profile pic Alumni

Amazing concept and illustration! Definitively a buy for me ! 5$

staffell profile pic Alumni

i'm confused - is it a porcupine rat thing?


cool design, you really have to look at it a minute, i don't like the color though


"I'd switch the rat to a bug, give the hero a can of bug spray (highlights as a raygun) and then it would work...

Perfect. I agree with that 100%.

Awesome work! I think this is going to get printed!


It's a nice idea but this is really sexist. I especially hate that you put her in a dress. christ... As a female who isn't afraid of rats, spiders, snakes, etc. (actually wouldn't mind having any of those as pets) and knowing quite a number of males who are afraid of them, I can also say that personally this shirt really does not work for me.

It's a nice concept, though. Maybe you could work with a parent/child pair instead of a male/female thing?


V. Clever


pls. lets stop suggesting to replace this to that. the artist may want it that way and it has a purpose...maybe.

for me it's perfectly fine the way it is. lovely.



Cool idea, awesome execution. Keep it the way it is, I say.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

pinkpeanut, it's great that you like this as is. I'm letting the designer know what he would need to change to get a 5 from me (because, like others, I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing this due to what I assume is unintentionally sexist imagery). Of course he is totally welcome to do nothing, if he chooses.


I love the idea, and I feel like this would look great in any color. $4


Please on blue . . .


The concept is excellent, but the design has problems. The mouse is too big and looks like it's wearing a coat. The woman's mouth looks wrong, too. The guy shouldn't be posing. He should be doing something. And, yeah, the colors are disgusting.


the idea is cool, the colours not.


as for the sexist comment:
1. if you reversed the roles it would be screaming "feminist"
2. it is the superhero stereotype and I don't think this shirt would have as much point if it wasn't.

...actually, at first I imagined the yellow was reflecting how the woman wanted to see the mouse-monster, her husband/boyfriend and herself. :D Poor girl, is she?

mj00 profile pic Alumni

sickly, it only seems somewhat sexist to me because the guy is protecting her by... doing nothing. Superheroes fight monsters, they don't just stand there. How is he protecting her, exactly? It seems like the only thing he has going for him is being male. I'm not saying this is a terrible shirt by any means, but that undertone of sexism would prevent me from personally wearing it.


Um, okay, let's not make any suggestions for changing anything. So that means we should just get rid of this whole format, I take it? Unless we're only allowed to say positive or encouraging things, in which case, carry on?

The design is built on a great idea, though I do think that the man should be doing something rather than just standing there.

True, it's kind of sexist, in that the guy is standing as a superhero while the lady is terrified on the chair. But I know plenty of girly girls who would stand on a chair for fear of a mouse or spider. Most guys wouldn't. Then again, most guys would rather step on a spider or kill a rodent from a distance, rather than collect the animal alive and take it to reside elsewhere. Is it because they prefer to kill things, or because they're secretly afraid the critter is going to GET them?

Girls can be the brave ones. I've voluntarily let a wasp walk on my hand to prove it wouldn't harm me. I rescued a snake from a glue trap. I trapped a GIANT black widow (biggest I've ever seen) and released it in a field. When I was younger, I would let my pet rats crawl in my hair and peek in my mouth. I've had tarantulas walk on me and have cleaned maggots out of wounds.

Conquering fear is much more fun than nurturing it!

(And of course, the design would be even funnier if the guy was on the chair in the imaginary dress).


In regard to the sexist comments, my gut agrees with the sentiment. I'd never wear it because I don't get freaked out by things and expect a man to protect me, but a LOT of women do get freaked and love it when a man protects them. Not all the shirts can appeal to all the people, and I'm sure this concept has a lot of mainstream appeal.


mjoo: are you saying superheros never do a pose before acting?!
anyway it's a daydream... I wouldn't daydream of killing a mouse, not rather than of being a hero in general.

Ava Adore

nice!. i like the way its done, very interesting. :D

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