Stop Croc Stop!

This is my first submitted design. I hope you like it! :)

Watch this
i love to draw

This is my first submitted design. I hope you like it! :)

mj00 profile pic Alumni

The crocodile is excellent. The girl seems more unfinished to me, her shapes don't seem to blend as well as the croc. This is definitely a good first submission, though I would encourage you to try using Critique next time (it can really help).


I reallylike this submission. I enjoy the simplicity of it and the "cartoon" look to it. Keep it up "I love to draw". $5 + iBuy


i love the crocodile


I like this on the blue.


hey! where's that croc's safety goggles


wow i would soooo wear so

man i wish i had an exotic pet to walk around


I love the crocodile
he is sexy
the girl is okay


i think the croc should have teeth :)

The Wee Straggler

The girls dress, sleeves in particular, are where this moves from "simple" to "crude" for me. It just makes the design look less drawn and more constructed from polygons.

As someone else mentioned, you've done some more interesting stuff with the croc. I'd say that's more the level you need to be looking for.


it need more work. really.


i love this for my son for sure 5$$$$$


Awww This is so cute! I love it! 5$


I love the croc, re-work the girl


I think it would look great if you kept the croc where he is, but moved the girl lower down on the right hand side. You could connect the two with a wavy leash line. Kinda like the croc was walking in front of the girl :)


I'd like it better if it had a leg missing

left shoe

like the croc... not so big of a fan of the girl, but it's good!


very clean and simple. wonderful!

Amazon Warrior

ha, this made me giggle. The croc is sweet as, but I think the little girl could do with her eyes being readjusted to be closer together and I think the hair could have a tiny ribbon or some small detail to finish her off a bit. Its very cute, nice one.

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