Shotgun Wedding

Old Dude + Shotgun = Good Times.

Watch this

Old Dude + Shotgun = Good Times.


That's Hillbilly Heaven.



really nice ilustration but you are using more than 5 colors


Last I checked it was 5, but in case I miscounted I'll probably just use the boot color for the outline, or all the darks. Shouldn't impact it at all if any.

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I've seen that face before.

Prolly in 'em Disney movies.


He looks like he'd be an awesome character in a zombie slasher flick

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flesh, white, shotgun grey, tan, dark brown and black...yeah that's 6.
you're illy skills are nice. keep subbing, i can sense good things about you


and shirt red 7

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He looks like he's about to scream "Get off my lawn!" I like it. I'd like it better if there was a clue on the shirt about why he's angry.


he is hunting ducks... or Vultures that are flying over his head.


He's angry 'cause he's old.

Like I said, I'll drop the black and make it brown. I could get super clever and make the shirt darker gray, and drop the gray from the gun...or make all the browns gray.

Damn, thanks for pointing that out everyone. I thought I could count :)


Eeheehee. With the title, this ought to be in the "Finding Love was Never So Awkward" contest. :D


im not sure but i think i can count 8....
there is the:
1. pink of the shirt
2. skin colour
3. Brown on the shoes, belt, suspenders and gun
4. Tan coloured pants
5. White in the eyes and mouth (look closely)
6. Grey of the beard and hair
7. Black of the outlines (i know you can change it)
8. Dark grey of the gun

anyways... awesome illustration
with few minor changes $5's, buddy....


Wonder when threadless are going to start allowing subs of 20 colours, I remember reading soming about it. Anywayz when that comes in subs with colour palletes like this can get printed.


This is great. Gotta love them hill billies.


even using brown instead of black it's 6. nice illustration though.


Great, professional artwork, but could do with a stronger concept. Maybe some children running off into the distance or something? I dunno.


It reminds me of Kill Bill. cool design.


I'm in Tennessee, so this looks like alot of people here. :)


this looks like the curator at my school. he makes sculptures out of bullets


kinda plain, but it reminds me of my grandpa...i could see him holding a shotgun in an agressive manor...


I agree with it needing more concept than just an old man with a shotgun, even though that is stronger in itself than you'd expect.

Awesome illustration! It would benefit alot from some background/shadow - that would add some depth to it.

I gotta make a design saying "Never underestimate a redneck" with some character like this sitting in a chair with a combined banjo/shotgun smoking and a salesman running awya with a nice big gun-shot hole in his briefcase :D


his hair is white not gray... $5 love it change it a bit.


Thanks for the comments everyone! You know, my stuff tends to be kind of iconic, and direct. While I certainly appreciate everyones suggestions about the overall concept, I believe I've done my job... and to prove my point, you are all filling in your own stories, or scenarios about the image. To me at least, those are the best kinds of images.

But still, there's always room for improvement, and you all have given me lots to think about, and that's much appreciated.



I thought the white in the eyes and mouth was just the greyish of the hair.
I like the design a lot, but maybe not on a shirt. I still give it a 4.


The 'white' in the eyes, is the same as the hair, beard, and teeth. Perhaps not exactly in this compressed image, but in my source art, it's all the same. The desaturated red is also the same in the gums, and shotgun shell.


While the title might be Shotgun Wedding, in my mind, he's getting ready to spray some buckshot at some zombie heads... $5


Yeah, Calalley. I'm only getting 7 colours. I think the eyes and mouth are actually grey as well.


write: you is trespassin'

on it and im sold.


It is an extremely good drawing but it seems a bit odd as a t-shirt design.


It looks a little like he's fiddling with his flies. But I like it. Not sure I'd wear it so 3.


I lack angry man on my shirt, I hope Threadless lets me change this in the future!


that nukka looks crazy.... seems like if i wore people would think i was crazy. :) 5$$$$$$$$44


Dad, put the gun down and get back to bed.

Someone mentioned Disney, but I'm thinking Hanna Barbera. This guy is straight up Scooby Doo.

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