Holy snap

Male Large got sold out damn quick. Oh well..

Watch this

so did swiss army and the meduims are almost gone


Reprint :`(


It said 2 left and I clicked it and they are still in my cart and it won't let me delete them or check out. lame. This was 2 hours ago that I tried to order them.


I don't see why they can't anticipate this nonsense. I mean, at the very least they should stock twice as many larges as they do. They always sell out first. And there will be quadruple large girly tees available for the next million years.


no need for the hostility and hiding behind a fake name. be a man.

first off, it's all about the design and if it's going to appeal to people. they can't anticipate exactly how something is going to do until it is put up. the thing is, they probably make the same number of every shirt they put up, regardless of how they think it'll do...it's part of the thing to hurry and get it because it's limited. it's not like they are going to make an endless stock so everyone that wants it can get it. it's kind of like being in an elite club; if you are fast enough to get it, you should be proud because you know you are one in a few to actually have a "limited-like" tee.

with that, although i was really not planning on spending grad money on anything, i had to buy this and got it early...BEFORE IT SOLD OUT.


amen sp3nca, this is why threadless is loved.
if the prints were unlimited, it just wouldn't be as sweet.

king slug

I completely disagree. If these t-shirts were truely "limited-like" as you put it, they would never make reprints. coughCommunist Partycough Not to mention that men's large shirts DO sell out faster than any other shirt. Just check the stock chart, the facts speak for themself. The only other size that comes close is the men's medium. Threadless needs to start printing more men's large shirts. Besides, it's not like everyone can sit online all day and wait for Threadless to put up shirts, and as soon as they do, order them asap. Some of us actually have lives, and have to work for a living.

Sad thing is for the past few months Threadless has not printed a single shirt I would buy. This past week I have bought seven, and would have bought two more. Sadly they were sold out before I could buy them.


i like the fact that any time someone is arguing over the internet, the fact that one person or the other doesn't have a life. honestly, i think the things about reprints is false. i think reprints are made because the demand is higher for the shirt since some people weren't able to get it the first time around. that's the point of a reprint link for every size...so that threadless knows where the interest lies.

this has nothing to do with who has a life or who can get to threadless the fastest. excuse me for being on summer break from school and not having to work today. my sincerest apologies.


Maybe it's all the jellyfishes' fault



communist party and others that have been reprinted multiple times are now lame because of it, and i wouldn't buy something that is that common anyway. i might as well buy t shirts from the mall or urban outfitters ( F that )

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