...And that is how you get there...

  • by bsmana
  • posted Jun 04, 2007

''wear the secret map but, show it to no one!''

works great on banana or natural.

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bsmana profile pic Alumni

''wear the secret map but, show it to no one!''
works great on banana or natural.


fABULOUSA! I like it on the banana (natural's okay too).


not a great fan of natural shirts, but the banana is really bad, it makes the image difficult to see.



nice work. would be great as a kids t.


I really like this on banana. The pictures remind me of a lot of different pirate type classic books and I like seeing them all together. But there's no X marks the spot anywhere. It's a good pirate shirt without looking totally cheesy. 5$

Christoph Jenkins

Hmm... A bit complex if you ask me. People who look at the shirt will have a hard time following it, much less understanding.


I like it 5

mj00 profile pic Alumni

I really, really like this. The only thing that's a little weird for me it the volcano smoke.

Is there a larger version you could link to? I want to get a closer look at some of your detail work.


"Finding Love Was Never So Awkward"

Another fail.


That's a really neat design! I like the grid lines in the background, nice touch. But I'm a little eluded as to how you'd walk to a ship? (nitpicking, sorry!)


This is awesome. A little pale, but I LOVE it.


I am addicted to maps and compasses, so I would snap this up in an instant. Aside from that, I love the detail and the fadedness. Gorgeous work.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

foxdie, I think this fits the theme pretty well. A map is a tool for finding things. Navigating past these sea monsters and such could certainly be awkward. And the last icon on the map could represent love (hard to tell without a close up, but I'll give the designer the benefit of the doubt).


I like it...I think I'd love it even more on Natural than on Banana...One thing that I'd personally like to see improved is for it is look less like a straight-edged rectangle (does that make sense?). That bugs me with most designs that are really straight-edged, so this isn't the only one. I'd buy it, though.

bsmana profile pic Alumni

thanks mjoo! you got it all figured out.
and dont forget to zoom..


on banana!!!!
kids too!


I like the fact that one could classify this into 'another heart sub', but it's done very well. The heart is blatently obvious and I like the fact that it's the only red on the shirt. The only thing is, I keep buying threadless tees in light colours... but I'd still buy this anyways!


Oooo! I like it! Of the two colors you've suggested, I'd go with banana. Otherwise a pale blue might work well.

Good job! :-)

bsmana profile pic Alumni

and about it bieng pale i just wanted to give an authentic old treasure map look. i havent seen any newly printed treasure map but it might just be me...


fantastico $5

cartooner profile pic Alumni

i like it, but i think its a strech for the compitition, i get its about "finding love" but... i dont see anything else that relates to the movie (akwardness and such)


it is a really great idea, but w/ the number of obstacles you have, it just looks like two rows of things w/ dotted lines going back and forth. you could probably lose a couple and still have a strong sub.


I dont think that the shirt is to busy, however naturally those who speak/read english (msot of the the threadless audience) are inclined to start reading from the top left and work right-down, so I think you should flip the top and bottom.


C'mon, this is great! No problem for "Finding love" - love is a treasure, you need a map to chart your way through life's difficulties, etc.

Love the colour! It's perfect for an old, faded, love-worn document!


$5 for sure.

You just need an X marks the spot, and you're set!


^ there is an X under the last item

bsmana profile pic Alumni

steviec, you just made my day! thanks man!

bsmana profile pic Alumni

and there is a X under the chest. i think its pretty visibale right?


I saw the X.

Is the heart the only red? I like that.


The couple could be better drawn, but I like the idea.


this looks really cool, but i cant see it very well, and i dont know if people walking by the shirt would be able to see it at all. bump up the contrast.



i'm usually not a fan of light colored shirts, but this design looks awesome on banana, gives it that old time worn and weathered parchment look.


i had a very similar idea last week but didn't act on it. oh well, i lose for snoozing.
i was going to call mine "the way to my heart is through troubled waters". you might consider that.


this is a good thing. mapsadaisy!

bsmana profile pic Alumni

i just got up and jetting ready for work, and you guys cheer me up every morning. thanks for commenting!


that's a great idea!! i don't get how it's got anything to do with love being awkward. but pirate mapping is always awesome!


i love it! but different colors. i'm not a fan of yellow. brown would be sweet!.. but its a cool design.


Not a fan of yellow shirts, but I like the design. As someone mentioned previously, I'd change the volcano smoke outline, that was a little confusing, it took me a minute to figure out what was going on, and it stopped the flow of the design. Love your idea, though!


I wouldn't even hesitate to purchase this amazing shirt! 5$


very nice. $5 on the yellow, not the white


this is great. it made me think of Odysseus and the Odyssey.

awsome design! - i like it on the banana


great whale haha.

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