Zardoz commands it.

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Zardoz commands it.

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Voting for this design is good.
Voting against this design is evil.

Get this design printed!
Zardoz commands it.


Are those loin cloths with suspenders?

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

I just read about this movie and I think I need to rent it. Can't believe I've never heard of it before. The design is just a couple traced images. That stuff usually doesn't fly here although I think someone somewhere might appreciate this.

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

No, apparently that's sean connery.


Who the heck is Zardoz?

And it doesn't look good how they characters are copy/pasted (reflected)

Placement isn't too good either, I think. It's too booby-emphasizing. I wouldn't like to have a couple of twins crotches on my nipples (and I'm sure any girl wouldn't either).

Cold Collards

Hilarious. Saw this movie awhile back.


I did vote for this design!

I voted 0 for it.


that movie is awesome but I am afraid your design is not


HAHAHAHAHA. i wish more people liked this so i could own it on a shirt. :[

well i gave you five


The original post was sort of a joke based on some of the movie dialogue! I guess I thought more people would have seen the movie. I didn't mean for it to be misinterpreted as being pushy :-P

I did a limited printing of this design to sell at APE (Alternative Press Expo) in San Francisco and people seemed to love it! I went ahead and submitted it based off the feedback I got there.

So please, give Zardoz a chance! :-) Thanks!


Are those loin cloths with suspenders?

Tied with "my friend runs around in a banana suit all the time" as best comment ever :-)


Grillsovs - I guess the little tee examples kind of do give the impression that the crotches would be over one's boobies, but the way the tee looks in the picture is more like how I would want it printed - more up on the chest. The crotches wouldn't be near anyones (well, most people's) nips in that case :-P


I've seen this design on threadless before


Tabithakristen - yeah, in the critiques section! :-) I forgot you could resubmit a critique design and then move it into the running directly from there - it's the same one by yours truly though.


OK, now I just feel old. one of my fave movies. awesome, I hope this gets printed !


Yeah, I don't know what this is about, but the scary face could be bigger :]


i want this to come in a set with an equally ridiculous Xanadu shirt. please get on that. ;)

mj00 profile pic Alumni

This might be a love it or hate it design. I love it! The one color treatment is really strong, it communicates clearly that these dudes are protecting a giant screamy head. Awesome!


Thanks for the positive feedback guys :-)


wait, you're saying you already printed this?

they won't print something that has already been printed.


Naw, I was saying that I submitted this design to be critiqued first but instead of going back into the critique section and pushing it into the running from there I uploaded the revised picture/thumbnail to the 'submit' section instead.

First timer, y'know :-) It hasn't been printed, but I hope it gets printed :-p

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

Ha, no one gets this, however I totally do and so does anyone that's seen this movie. Has no one here ever looked at the cult or scifi section in the movie store only to see Sean Connery on the cover of a vhs/dvd box wearing a loine cloth? Obviously not. Def a 5 & buy.


Best way to cover your nipples? Most certainly so.


I "got it" immediately.
It's a solid image. Well done...


Oh well - I'll try again with another design sometime.


i can't believe this was dropped - this shirt is awesome!! i haven't even heard of the movie and i still love it.

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