Huh? I don't get it?

  • by acidviper
  • posted Jun 03, 2007

She kills her pets or they die? What she has a giraffe and a whale. OMFG your not funny guy. I thought it was an extinction thing, but this is just stupid. It makes it seem like a stupid spoiled Paris Hilton or something.

Watch this

I'm a little lost on what this one is about also. So she has had a lot of pets that died every year? huh? what am I missing.


Your mom should have swallowed you.


That's basically it, I think.

The Crackers

Paris Hilton?

WTF are you talking about dude?

one of her pets dies every year

that's the "Tear for Every Year"

the dinosaur and giraffe thing are jokes dude

calm down

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Yeah, I think the shirt is pretty self-explanatory. No need to be a jerk about it. And I have no idea where you got Paris Hilton from...


hhahaha!! Paris Hilton? Are you serious?

If you are serious, I do believe cliffdog is right.

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

Someone is stupid, I'll allow the others to guess who.

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What don't you get? This is sweet, congrats Montro!


Clearly only a few of those pets could be hers. What I got from it was she was crying over her dead pet, but there were others buried there (possibly some were hers, but there's no way all of them were, like the cat from 1986 would make her 20 or 21). I don't really know though since I didn't make it, but that's my interpretation and I think it's cute.


At first glance I thought i I was about extinction. I'm sure more than one species goes extinct every year. I guess the pet thing is another interpretation.


it seems to me that this is about the extinction of species.
The dinosaur led me to believe so.


The girl represents humanity and her grief our attachment to things/loved ones.
The years represent experiencies and how everything must come to pass but also the continuity of it all, how pain will always accompany us.

From the author's mouth (found in the sub). Beautiful message.


Reminds me of the pet cemetary scene in Garden State. Interesting sub message, not sure I could have come up with that explanation just by looking at the shirt.

Just seems to be dead pets every year. Nothing against the design overall, though.


I don't get what you don't get. While it may not be a true-to-life scenerio, it's just a shirt. I thought it was funny, in kind of a sad way. Makes me think of how many pets we've had to bury in my own yard, and how people living there in years to come will likely bury a pet or two there themselves. Still, I have NO IDEA where you got Paris Hilton from.


Wow. Um. I instantly from the thumbnail got that it was about extinction. I don't know if that's what the intended message is, but.. the dinosaur & his year seems to suggest so, doesn't it? I don't see how you could possibly not come up with a message (of some kind, at least) from this image..

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