Agh! I already ordered my t-shirts, and then this lovely one is reprinted!! Maybe I'll get lucky and will be able to buy it.

Watch this

I had to make a separate purchase JUST FOR IT. Do it now before it's gone again!


Same here. I really wanted this one, but it wasn't reprinted, so I got another one. I just placed my order 3 days ago. I might just have to buy it now before it goes away again. I didn't want to buy three shirts right now, though! GAH!


I just placed my order ten minutes ago, and now I see it's reprinted. D:

The Crackers

then cancel your order?

do people not realize that if it hasn't shipped then you can still cancel the order


thats what i was about to say, crackers. you stoll my words. biatch. :P

The Crackers

hahaha i just totally owned you!



I feel the same way.. im pissed now. -_-


Thanks! I just fixed it.

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