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Why Me - 2nd Version

HIV Victim.

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I like this. :D 5 and buy.

i carnt spel

beautiful lines... they work better as a pair though, there's kind of an odd tension


The boy's shadow is really awkward. And I don't really like the placement of the kids on the Tee...

But it's an absolutely beautiful design and you're very talented.


I think it's very powerful, very nice work.


I like the placement option much better as well.


i like, $5 and purchase


great, just a suggestion:

you could maybe place the little girl on the shoulder opposite of the boy...


this is rather powerful. only i thought it was breast cancer at first; wish there was a way to distinguish

Flying_Mouse profile pic Alumni

iamtenninjas, maybe is the placement confuse you. I believe that the placement option will look good.

Thanks for voting.

Flying_Mouse profile pic Alumni

The boy is drawing on sand, I think it is not make sense to make the ribbon red.

But the victim in this design is a boy, it will look more HIV than Breast Cancer I think.


this is powerful, and I thinking of aids when i saw this design. well done FM! $5





Could use a dull red for the lines of the ribbon. That would clear up the breast-cancer/AIDS confusion.

"But the victim in this design is a boy, it will look more HIV than Breast Cancer I think."
My first thought was that the boy's family had been affected by the disease (not necessarily the boy himself), maybe now the boy is an orphan. So it could have been either. This is why I think the ribbon needs to be slightly red to clarify the issue.

Powerful image!
(And yes, keep them together.)


This is frickin awesome! $5 and buy!


I also thought of breast cancer first, though that's probably my own bias showing (my dad has breast cancer), and had similar logic to theadi. In any case, this is beautiful and I think the image could work for most causes.

I like both placements! If you were to add color, I'd only add the tiniest bit to highlight detail. Don't take away from the beautiful drawing. :)

mj00 profile pic Alumni

Honestly, I appreciate what you are trying to do here, but this doesn't work for me. I don't associate the ribbon symbol with AIDS (I assumed the kids parents were soldiers!) so that symbolism was completely lost. Also, it's hard for me to imagine a kid thinking about that kind of thing at the beach- I'd think that was the time he'd be least likely to think about disease and mortality.


the point is that the boy is devastated and the girl is happy. I think that the artwork is amazing, as usual, but could never wear such a depressing design on my shirt.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

shakethesheets, I think it's more narrow-minded to assume that a victim of aids only thinks about being a victim. It's been my experience that for the most part, people who are seriously ill have just as much fun as everyone else- except for when the illness is actively stopping them from living their lives normally. This is odd to me in that aids wouldn't in any way inhibit a kid from having fun at the beach. I understand that other people have a different set of life experiences than I do, and thus see things differently.

To be constructive, this might correlate better for me if I saw a clearer link between the two sand drawings. Like if the girl drew a superhero and the boy drew a scientist with the aids ribbon on his lab coat (both children seeing their heroes/saviors).


you really are talented :) good job.. HIV?? i thought it was cancer.. oh well :) i get the idea :) 5

yeohgh profile pic Alumni

love your sense of response and message, welldone! As always, rated top 5!!!


The design is beautiful and unique, and I very much enjoy the placement.

Chaos Academy

I really like this one. I love the placements of the two different images. Reminds me a bit of peter rabbit.


Flying Mouse, I have a suggestion for you. Maybe make a small red ribbon on the sleeve.

Don't change this beautiful drawing.


This is awesome! Beautiful!

Love the placement too!

Jemae profile pic Alumni

FM, I think Kallass suggestion to have a small red ribbon on the sleeve will make more sense/appropriate.

5$! for the Awesome design + Great message! =)


Put the red ribbon on it and you got yourself a sale!!!

Kojima profile pic Alumni

Great Job, FM.


Who knows, maybe threadless will do something with this shirt, like what they did for the red cross. For every person who buys this shirt, the'll give a portion of their profit to the fight against aids.

Here's to hoping~


Yeah, I think the red ribbon on the sleeve would clear things up. Honestly, I thought it was breast cancer at first, too. :) $5


I know you had HIV in mind when you did this, but the ribbon could stand for any disease/cause that took his family away. I don't think it needs to be any more specific.


Wow...that is powerful, though I didn't realize it symbolized an HIV victim. I like the vagueness of it. It leaves one to wonder and think and can be used as a symbol for many different diseases or cancers.

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beautiful 5$


beautiful. i fived the original and i'ma five this one, too.


(threadless, PLEASE print!!)


i don't think the ribbon should be specific, i thought of breast cancer first but that works because the girl is currently drawing the mother so it could suggest that the boy lost his mother and so on... more people can relate to it this way so it could be a "family together vs. troops" thing or an "i have x disease" thing or "someone i know has x disease".

piranha na na

ooh i ADORE the illustrations, and i like the placement how it is right now


I vote for the second placement, and here's why: the way the girly-style Tees are shaped, they won't hug the body like the way the one on the model does - they're much baggier on anyone shaped like that. What would ultimately happen, IMO, is that the powerful image of the little boy would be lost, bunched up somewhere around the waist.

Also, while I am an HIV/AIDS campaign supporter, I actually prefer the color and significance of the ribbon being left to the wearer's and viewer's imaginations. More powerful that way, I think.

That being said, it's a beautiful design and you score a $5 from me!


What more can really be said? wonderful! Leave the ribbon up to everyone's imaginations. 5$


yup...leave the ribbon alone for personal interpretation...

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