Evolution of Man

  • by regiddur
  • posted Jun 01, 2007

As taught in high school science classes all over the world.

Watch this

As taught in high school science classes all over the world.

a for incredible

this is cool, but it would be even awesomer if they were walking in a line like the traditional evolution chart.

then the robo sapien mechanicalis could be doing the robot or something.



riffing on the evolution of man is a tired concept. it's been done eighty hojillion times. nice illustration though!


I can't see robots anymore!


I agree with AFI, and I think robo sapien should be all robot or a robot with human features. Half robot/half human literally doesn't work for me. Love the concept though.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

I like this idea, but not the execution. I'd like to see the robot guy looking at a museum exhibit of evolution that the other three are in (the homo sapien guy could even be a real guy instead of a mannequin like the others). Awesome drawing skills, tho :)


Also, human are Homo SapienS, not Homo Sapien.


PLEASE, don't have it be the walking-in-a-line evolution thing. That is just so very dead.
This is a neat shirt, I like your drawing style.


I agree with 3664, the standard evolution drawing is pretty played out. By just drawing the heads, I get to focus on the facial details and the varying degrees of similarities and differences throughout the four of them.


I like your illustration style. It reminds me of Frank Miller & Lynn Varley's work.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I think the illo's are good enough and the idea is strong enough without any need for the sloppy writing at all. A 3 for no text....and im a text junkie.


it's written SAPIENS, not SAPIEN



i love your style. this is great. don't change a thing.

(except add the s maybe)


love it. on gold the best. and dont listen to the line of evolution comments. thats way overplayed.


mjoo's ideas are always awesome! But, don't rule out Neanderthal/Human crossbreeding quite so quickly Now there's a shirt idea for someone ;-)


yeah.. Neanderthals aren’t in the human evolutionary tree. They coexisted with early humanoids, but were out competed..
not digging the continuation of misinformation about evolution this shirt promotes

swing theory

neanderthals didn't have chins


put homo right next to the next word or use a - or else it looks bad.


I prefer homo erectus.

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