I love you guys

Wanted to stop in and thank everyone who asked for this to be printed, my first design to be put on a hoody. This is my favorite design so far and I am glad you appreciate it as well.

I hope this doesn't influence anyones decision to buy or not buy but I felt after it was printed it could use some explanation.
The quote in the original sub:
Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.
-Benjamin Franklin

The skull represents you and me... the ornate design on the skull shows our unique personality and our beauty. The gasmask represents the walls we build to "protect ourselves" from the possible harm in the world. And the fumes coming from the mask are the individuals we create to calm our fears.

Now thats deep.

Watch this

I'm so glad you posted this. :) I was wanting to ask about the specifics of how the quotation was reflected in the design.


It certainly is deep. It's not really my style, but I definitely like the thought put into it. Congrats on the print!

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dont cur whut it means its right purdy


A well-deserved print. Congratulations!


Congrats.. I just bought it an hour ago.


looks great on the hoodie too


just bought this today, i've been waiting for a brown shirt with a print i liked, good stuff

its been nice seeing your stuff improve and getting prints


Beautiful. Genius design.


hey just wondering, what program did you use to make this?

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I love the sentiment and I love the design. One of my favourites on Threadless. I got the tee and the hoody because I'm a greedy bastard. I will probably wear them both at the same time.


i bought the shirt, i should have got the hoody i think, but either way...i love it...thanks.



your design is awesome i voted on it

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It looks amazing on the hoodie, but how many of them do i need? I'll get the shirt for now and see if the obbsession takes a hold of me to spend the extra 40 dollars on a later date.

Congrats Ellswhere for enriching our lives with an amazing design we can all wear and for the design in turn to enrich your life with contest winning cash!


I bought the hoody but I'm tempted to get the shirt too =)

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