A Strategic Triumph in Consumer Warfare

  • by Mazzoleni
  • posted Jun 01, 2007

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Are they taking over Dunkin' Donut Hill?


Nice concept, but...eh. Not offensive to the vets at all. But strange. And I don't like it. Not Threadless's style, to rip off copyrights despite the letter change.


Starbucks has been known to sue people for altering their logo like this. (There is the parody defense, but that doesn't mean they won't sue anyway.) See here.


i dont really get it.


sorry, but no thanks
I couldn't wear it, though im sure it took quite some mtime to do.
keep truckin though


Um, which war is it that Starbucks had any part in?

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

starbucks is actually awesome, for a large company they do a lot for their customers, partners, and community. don't give them crap because the owner knows how to run a business, walmart uses shady practices like child labor, pick on them


whats with the bad press. Nobody gets the idea? Its in the title. Its clever and well done. Something I can't say about 99% of the shirts getting printed these days.

mezo profile pic Alumni

I love Starbucks Java Chip ice cream. And agree with ellsswhere. Aside from that, the overall design is not visually pleasing. The mix of the clean vector logo with the rough live trace of the figures/ground look terrible together. 2

mezo profile pic Alumni

blorgazz- the title would not be printed on the shirt where people could read it. After all, having to READ a design for it to make sense is NOT good design.


Bright idea: maybe pull in the art to incorporate other fastfood/coffee rivals? Whose to say the soldiers can't be striding the corpses of, say a Ronald McDonald looking clown, etc?

Addicted to Colour
Addicted to Colour profile pic Alumni

I agree with Ellsswhere and Mezo. I'm all for using art and design to bring awareness to social issues and as a form of protest. It is, in my opinion, the best thing art can be used for. You really need to make sure you pick your targets well though, and as far as I know, Starbucks is doing a pretty good job of running an ethical business. Also, I personally find that a protest design is more effective if it is slightly more subtle in terms of a specific logo or brand.

Keep up the good work, just make sure you know who you're targeting and why. I mean if you have a good reason behind this design, then tell us all to bugger off . . .

Jai Star

If you made the 'Warbucks' logo a little more vague - like just a green circle with white designs in it, in the same style as the rest of the image, I would totally wear this. Nice job!


While I'm sure this took time, I'd have to say that I wouldn't wear it. I'd also have to agree with Mezo on the desgin choice. Perhaps if both elements were vector or both were rough live traces it'd look better. Either way keep up the designing.


Can't help thinking, with the name, I was expecting a reference to "Annie" - thinking Daddy Warbucks I guess... Not sure this is the best image to use to get the message across; I agree with Bowtie's suggestion on that one.

sneaker mafia



ummm, nothing like a nice piping hot cup of patriot-ness-icity-ish to wake me up in the morning?


This just reminds me of when those soldiers stationed overseas wrote to Starbucks asking about some way they could ship coffee/treats overseas 'cause they all liked their stuff and Starbucks replied something about not supporting the war, no. I don't know how many people heard of it, perhaps a different logo would get your actual message across better.


the image of iwo jima has been parodied so many times that it has become cliche to parody it any further. by the way, God bless those men.

Captain Global

This gets a zero, and its not because of starbucks. Please have a little more respect for our WWII veterans and those who died in the battle of Iwa Jima.


I don't like. I live in Marine town.


Not a direct ripoff of McRevolution
, because as has been said here - this parody has been done plenty of times. But since it's been done on this site (this was printed almost exactly 4 years ago) and done better, I think we can all move on...


good Sherlock work there, steviec


It's one of my favourite shirts! (Bought at a UK store that may have been ripping off threadless! Can't be sure...)


the sign doesnt match the people....


İt's political, i like it


When I saw the thumbnail I thought it would have something to do with little orphan Annie...I was seriously disappointed!


McRevolution's making a comeback!


I had no clue. Next time I'll have to put some time aside to give the internet a good scrubbing to avoid any likenesses to prior designs. Oops.

a for incredible

hah, i like mcrevolution better. this.... i just don't get it. is it saying that war only results in delicious coffee? maybe they should be putting up a big 'ole flag with the enron logo on it. or a gas tank.


Great concept, just really not my style.


does starbucks have weird lollipop signs like that?


I've seen it done with a McDonald's sign on StencilRevolution. And bagging large companies is so mainstream it just gets annoying.

susie q89

the idea is... whatever. but dont use starbucks. out of all the big corperations out there they are one of the best and most ethical. they give their emploies amazing health benefits and benefits in general. and they get an automatic raise every six months. starbucks pays the actual price for coffee and doesnt force the growers into a "bargin price." i think its called "fair trade coffee"...?

use some other corperation thats really fucked people over and are un-ethical. read nike (speling?) and walmart to name a few.


Nike was actually ranked third on the 100 Best Corporations List by Business Ethics magazine this year.

The problem that I have with Starbucks though, is the whole idea of large corporations driving out the small businesses. I'd rather go to a small, locally-owned coffee shop where I can get a good cup of coffee for MUCH cheaper... and also, I'd be supporting an individual thriving business instead of the pockets of millionaire CEOs.

Sorry. Business major with a focus on entrepreneurship. Please don't yell at me. Ha!


I don't understand how Little Orphan Annie would have made more sense in this design. Did she fight in a war? Is that how she lost her pupils?

Chris Carney

Little orphans should not drink strong coffee, it's a gateway drug


If you want to make a more potent statement using the Starbuks logo, how about an army of barristas raising the logo, a la Iwo Jima, in a newly gentrified neighborhood, while a nearby independent coffeeshop is crushed by a tank. If there is any reason to dislike Starbucks (for me, at least) it's that particular business tactic of theirs. Well, at least it is in many parts of Chicago...


lol, that is fuuuuuny! I really like it, it would be funnier still if it was a Walmart sign though. $5


I almost don't think it is necessary change it to war bucks, I think I would like the shirt more if it was straight up starbucks


Skafiend: I love that idea! Very cool!


chris carney - funny guy. very funny.

i read the article that guy posted, and i bet you'd get sued.

also i don't particularly like it because those soldiers mean so much, and i'd just rather not like to see them used in a scheme to diss starbucks.

starbucks is by no means fabulous at all, but maybe do orphan annie, which makes sense with the warbucks theme.


"i read the article that guy posted, and i bet you'd get sued."

Heh. Not a guy.


I am surprised at how much negative feedback you are getting. it is a really great concept, and a really good design, I think that ppl would not wear it, because they do not have the guts to show political stature, not because it is a bed design... well done.

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