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Too many sushi designs right now. Good work, but it's a little late

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so what are you trying to say??

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it's funny


Sushi is Japanese, who don't eat cats and dogs... You should have done this with hot pot or dim sum :P


Yeah, I was served a LIVE crab once at a hot pot place in Atlanta (shudder), you could definitely do something with that. I like this but it isn't quite recognizably sushi at first glance and as J-Ray said, Chinese & Korean places get much more flak for the idea of serving suspicious meats. What about a kitty egg roll and a dog fried rice?


I have a better idea--how about not playing up racist stereotypes? Your sushi doesn't look very much like sushi either.


Not that funny seeing as sushi is pretty much fish. And it's poorly drawn as well.

Shirt Kabob

The collars are too subtle for me.


great design, but I would have kept it as miao instead of miaou because that looks like your trying to say something else. I've never heard a dog bark anything that sounded like warf.


I don’t know which is worse: the racial current of the piece, or the fact that it’s clichés are misplaced.

I’m not going to go into what I’ve eaten in my lifetime, I suppose that’s why I’m not particularly offended… I might even have worn it if it were somewhat more realistic.

Except for the wrong type of food, and the sound effects really need better phonetics :)

Cute design though.


Fuck, no.


I repeat:

"how about not playing up racist stereotypes?" "Racism? Not funny."


Score for 6 more days? Hahahaha! Fat chance!


Ahlala ils sont prudes hein ? :)


It's a stereotype but i think there is no racist aim.


The racism being portrayed here is that sushi contains petfood and by extension, Asian people eat dogs and cats. Totally crap and unacceptable.

This needs to be dropped by Threadless ASA fucking P.


Umm, before I even saw the other comments the first thing that came to mind was "Wow, this is really racist."


In English a cat "meow"s and a dog "woof"s.


Wow! They do that in English! I think my old dog was bilingual. ;)


way funnier if there was an arm of a squid/octopus coming out since the japanese really eat squid and not cats/dogs and live squid freaks Americans out...
Been done, been done way better.


Yeah, being Asian, and having heard this too many times, it got a little...annoying. Sorry!


my interpretation is that you're just riffing on the "animals say funny things in other languages" theme (like how in french roosters say "coco-rico") and you didn't intend to imply that the sushi contained actual dog/cat. if this is so, i'm sorry that you're getting all these OMGRACISTPRICK comments.

if you DID in fact imply that the sushi is made from pets, i'm really puzzled where you got that notion.

because it's open to misinterpretation, this probably isn't the best design. but i hope the comments don't get you down.


just no. i'm asian, and i'm just more amused about the ignorance than i am offended by this. please do your research, at least about sushi and what's in them. and no, i don't eat cats and dogs. RESEARCH ok?


God I would hate to bring most of you to a comedy club if you get offended this easily. As for the design... I am not sure where you got the idea that sushi contains dogs and cats, but you might want to do a little research in to a culture's stereotypes before you spend all the effort. I did however like the collars on the dog and cat sushi.


I have found playing off stereotype to be funny. some of my friends and I are from a mix of races and origins and we do poke fun at each other about it. This type of humor can really get us all laughing. We don't do this in public because some people are way over sensitive. This is a joke that's playing off a stereotype. It's not a hateful racist joke. There is a big difference. I'm not saying that this joke was made in good taste but, racism is a much more hateful subject that I don't think applies here.


I'm just cringing at the thought of eating live stuff. That's so amazingly effed up. It's bad enough that people kill living animals and eat them when they don't have to, but eating them live is callous beyond comprehension. Call me culturally insensitive, but I just can't get over that ethical chasm. I wouldn't want someone to do it to me or my family, I can't imagine that any animal would be fine with it being done to them.

As for the design, well, the sushi design that was recently printed will probably put the kibosh on this one...but then again, Threadless never ceases to surprise me.


Who is eating live animals? I like my animals dead and cooked to a nice medium rare temperature. On a related side note, do you know how many small animals are killed while crops are harvested for human consumption...? We are not talking ugly looking cows here but cute bunnies, happy hedgehogs, adorable field mice...and... well I am running out of adjectives and animals, but you get the point... I can't pass up an opportunity to play devil's advocate.


Trust me, it's hateful. I once was treating a friend and we were going to Chinatown, the dude asked if they served cat or dog.

Nobody eats cat or dogs in China, only the non existant rich people, or tourists who don't know what the heck they're ordering.

Stereotypes are hateful. People who don't believe that are hateful themselves.


Shocking that all the sensitive souls should be so offended by a racist visual gag. Imagine someone of colour being offended by a blackface cartoon character eating watermelon and fried chicken.


I don't care if anyone thinks it is racist or not... the whole thing just doesn't make sense to begin with

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Olimar7 on Jun 06 '07
... Nobody eats cat or dogs in China ...

A co-worker of mine is from mainland China. University educated in both Asia and North America. He makes no bones about the fact that he has eaten dog and cat.

If you go looking online, you do not have to search far for pictures of dogmeat shops in China and Korea and Viet Nam.

This is not to say they eat only these things, or a lot of these things, or that when they tell you something is "chicken" it most obviously must be dog.

More often than not, what I've noticed about the people who are offended by the assertion that people in China eat dogs or cats is that they themselves are of Chinese descent and have grown up in North America. They have less knowledge of their ancestral homeland than can be found through a quick Google search.

That being said, this design's been done and been done better.

And folks are right: the Japanese do not eat dogs or cats.


ROFL Geez people, settle down... Some of you take Threadless a little too seriously. It's not a way of life, its a Tshirt and you can say how much you hate it by clicking 0.

I like the design style, but sushi is already on shirts and this one isnt as good.


I think the design is really cute, but the idea is a little confusing.


Such cute design
but...message blah...

atleast...good start?

Mr. Pistachio Nut

Another sushi design.
BTW Miaou is spelled MEOW.

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BTW Miaou is spelled MEOW

...if you're USAmerican.


whats wrong with eating cats or dogs? the fact that you think that eating a cat or dog is racism, is pretty racist in itself. (but this shirt is till racist) :P


sushi doesn't have cats or dogs in it. That's chinese food. Get your Asians right

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haha, confusing the asian stereotypes is just the icing on the cake.


maybe if they had Asian squinty eyes


This tee is funny. Its humor people, not a stab at race. LORD!


it is funny


Thank you, aristarchus! My mom is from Hong Kong and has, grinning, stated that dog is very good, grinning only to get under our skin since we good naturedly mock her occasional accent. My friend who is currently studying and teaching abroad in China has shown photos of dogs hanging like those roasted ducks you sometimes see in restaurant windows. In fact, Chow Chows, an adorable, fluffy breed, were once (only past tense?) considered a delicacy of sorts. Like the more humor-minded folks here, I say not the best design for its lack of clarity and rendering resembling something of stuffed pillows, and also that people need to gain both a sense of history and humor.


Love it, i'm with Tora, indiferent of the culture mix ( I also have Asian family and i dont feel any offense on it )... I vote for the "Catfish".

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