this shirt is stupid why did it get reprinted? why didn't something anything better then this get reprinted

Watch this

If you keep talking like that, Threadless is gonna cancel your EmoBear order.


You shouldn't be reprinted.


This is such a great shirt. What is wrong with you?

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this shirt needs to exist for create these kind of product pics


sonmi is right about that.
it looks like everyone that yelled at me about this shirt is under 18. weird


And you can only say that because you're over 18.
I'm suprized you don't love it. You remind me of (no offense, really) one of those 6th graders that says they love tattoos and piercings, moshpits, and the like, to sound punk. Like, so people will be like, "Oh wow! You go to punk shows and get beat up?" And you say yes but you really don't go, you don't get in the pit, you don't have any piercings, and you dont have tats, butcha just say that to sound different.
But I'm sure you're not.

Seriously though, I love this shirt.
Not cause it has an emo on it. Like, I would never buy tagged.
But...yeah, this is long.


ehhh i don't like the design either, but i don't think that anybody should be posting about how anything sucks really, i mean if everybody posted insults about everything that they didn't like or thought was stupid, nobody would even bother reading these anymore. or maybe i just happened to read the good ones. i don't know.
uhh... the point is, i don't like this shirt either, but if you don't like it, don't get it. end of story.


i agreed with you...until i saw the product pic. somni you beauty.

i dont like it because this 'alternative' COUGH store that all the 'cool', COUGH 'punk COUGH COUGH SPLUTTER CHOKE kids shop at has been bastardising the good name of care bears and wonder woman etc in order to be vintage...VINTAGE! most of the kids that buy them either didnt ever watch carebears because they werent even born and none of them know what vintage means because they are 2 cool 4 skool and instead of actually buying vintage they buy 50$ bad quality shirts pretending to be vintage.

rant done.


I'm 22 and I love this shirt - I think its hilarious and shall be purchasing it!


haha the product pictures are hilarious. They make this shirt even better than what it was!!!


wow so bitter. i was just trying to state that there are better, older designs that no one looks at anymore that really need to be reprinted over something like this. i just suck at wording things.

on another note im in college not 6th grade(even though im shorter then most 6th graders) and i dont say stuff to sound cool im just trying to be me.


o.k, this is my brother's accont 9but we're both Atreyu fans so whatever), but i am an 18 year old girl & i think this design kicks ass. You may think it sucks but no one said you have to order one kentellebee. So don't ruin it for the majority of us who wanted it back.


this is lame.
its not even and oringal picture or idea.


meh, why can't you guys just let the emo's be emo's and if that's the way they like it then fine! who cares! Noone! that's why they're emo in the first place, hehe.
I am gonna buy my little 'emo' brother this teeshirt, he & i watched Care Bears together & I think it's pretty cool, he would like it

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