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The fourth and last in a series of designs based on "philisophical" quotes.


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Gustaf Esters

The fourth and last in a series of designs based on "philisophical" quotes.

Alexandra Marie

It was quoted by Kant in Was ist Aufklärung, not originally coined him.


Dude, chill out on the 'by which he meant.' If the thing doesn't work by itself, it doesn't work. (And being patronizing ain't going to earn ou no votes.)


I don't think he was trying to be patronizing. :shrugs:

I really like the style. It almost seems to boxed in. :-/ If it weren't for that, I'd wear it. :-)


i agree.
too boxy


people are way too snobby on this site

i love the symmetry, colors and concept

nice work


Looks great, excellent choice as far as Kant quotes go. Personally, I could care less if the person looking at the shirt understands it or not; if they want to know I'll tell them, but otherwise they are just proving that the quote has validity.



i'd like to see a shirt with just 'dare to know' on it, people could interpret that how they wanted :)

Gustaf Esters

Might be a nice idea to explain a quote in latin, don't you think. At least I'm not the kind of person who would wear a statement I do not now what it means.

If you find it patronizing, that's your very own interpretation...

Thanks for the comments/ G


Dude, chill out on the 'by which he meant.' If the thing doesn't work by itself, it doesn't work. (And being patronizing ain't going to earn ou no votes.)

by which Yoksafiff meant:

Translating the Latin into English isn't patronizing, but telling us what the English phrase actually means is.

You've just explained a sentence as simple as "Dare to know" to an audience of mostly native English speakers. If that doesn't imply that you don't think we're as smart as you are, I don't know what does. Hence, patronizing.

If you think my comments are also patronizing, I'll be back to explain what "irony" means later.


irony: means "to be similar to, or like, iron" hehe


I like this quote the most, but don't like the graphic. The schopenhauer quote is the most wearable (from chick perspective) but is the quote i like least.


i wish it weren't the same thing repeated four times


love the quote, but people who dont know kant wont have a clue what it means.

and im not a huge fan of the frame or the color

Gustaf Esters

The idea is to feel intelectually superior everytime you have to explain it to somebody, like:

"What, you don't know what it means!?!? Dude, where were you in high school philosophy class?"

On the other hand, such comment might just make you feel like a dork...

Thanks/ G


I won't feel like a dork, I'll feel like a conceited asshole. you get a 0 from me bud.


I LOVE THIS! But maybe you should put the definition on the back. Because If I'm going to wear this around, I don't want to have to explain it to every person that i know.


I love the series. Good for you. Keep up the thinking art. I dig it.

susie q89

i really like this series!!! and i like this quote the most. but i dont like the design around it as much as the others.


dare to know on the back by itself no art would be awesome


What's with the rash of design series being submitted lately? Was this a class project somewhere? "Make a series of similarly-themed designs to submit to an online community where they will be judged. "

And you know, I heard that Immanuel Kant was a real pissant, who was very rarely stable....

(now you've got the song in your head too, ha ha!)


very cool! Great coloring. Reminds me of the girs should vote shirt. I wish I'd bought that one!

a for incredible

i think the best part about the shirt is that you wouldn't know what it means unless you knew kant. i can just see myself walking throught NYC wearing this shirt and having a really random guy who happened to know who kant was and he would strike up a very intellectual conversation with me and we would end up getting married or something along those lines.


I like this a lot!! $5


love the concept! the border seems too busy, or too big, too close...something like that. i'd fuss around with it a bit, maybe try something less symmetrical, or go with something more simple. if you want the message (in this case, the text) to be the main focus of your design, i might suggest a little renovation :)

i'd buy, and wear until it was unwearable :) $4


really cool. and nice design.

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