Make Science Not War

First design, hope you like it.

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I think you might want to try this as a slogan. The art elements seem kind of clip-arty to me, and the neck/bird thing is pretty awkward. Definitely good for a first submission, so keep trying.


I really really like it. I don't really like the wreath so much, it kind of makes it look like a school logo or something. I think it has really great potential.


A fine slogan that I can definitely agree with... I'm a tad confused by the seemingly random nature of the different visual elements though, they don't really tie in with the words as far as I can see... Although maybe I'd get it if you explain your original idea?


i'd like to see the design without the slogan. its nice.


not bad, but i think the "make _, not war" thing is a bit overdone. as to the design, i agree that it doesn't really have anything to do with the text. better luck next time.


'Flowers In The Attic' much? i dont think threadless will ever do another head-turning-into-flying-animals print.. but not terrible for a first sub. hang in there.. like the pattern in the background.


thanks for the encouragement, as for the idea behind the art, I was going for a natural, organic kind of feel, and i thought replacing the head of a politician with flowers and expanding birds represented change and growth. "science" could be interchanged with a lot of different words, i just thought it had a nice ring to it. Perhaps I should i have submitted this as a slogan.


sorry, completely unoriginal :-/ people have used that idea so many times, great job on the illustration but try to think up some genius design and CONCEPT that is incredible and you can do it :)


Science will blow your head off??

Don't mix explosive chemicals???


wow this has nothing to do with science! good job on your shitty execution of a good idea. 0.


Bosco..this is why "Remember, be nice" is in bold next to the comment box. That's not even constructive criticism.

But yeah, it's better as a slogan!

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