• by sooty
  • posted May 28, 2007

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Funny !!


now gee, where have i seen this before?


not bad tho, great job.


I really like it. Good luck.


Someone's got some 'splainin to do! Too close, so unlikely, but I would still buy it $5

miss _scarlet

it's a nice design, but i doubt they would print another shirt with the same concept.


this reminds me of that one milk shirt with the chocolate milk baby...


I would totally buy this, even though its been done. The milk shirt was yellow. Bleh.


OH! OH! The milk shir--- Ahh, nevermind everyone else already said it.

mj00 profile pic Alumni

I like that all the characters are experiencing different emotions. Nice work.


fuckin been done, sigh


wait? what? this seems silly and doesn't really make sense.
thinking about the rules of chess and what not i don't get how it's relevant. peas explain


this makes me think of that milk shirt but still funny


Yep, the milk shirt is the one we're all referring to.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Seriously, come on people!!!!

This is EXACTLY the milk shirt, which was already a tired concept when it was printed the first time.

I'll be nice and spare this a zero for outright concept stealing b/c i like the drawings and the situation a lot more than the milk sub, and b/c that wasn't an original idea in the first place.


i actually prefer this one to the milk shirt.

still bad show for idea poaching.

grayehound profile pic Alumni

kinda jumping the gun to accuse someone of stealing, but yea, a thorough look through previous prints should be a requirement for anyone subbing. still, nice illo


i really like the illustration and style, but...the concept's been. done.


Props for using chess on a t-shirt.


Oh and add a chess board in the background. It's a bit plain.


and come on guys, seriously, who cares about the milk one?
sure it might be the same concept/idea
but it's totally different illustrations and everything.


cute, but it's too similar! if i made the milk one i'd be ticked


funny, but it's been done... i still gave it $5 because that joke NEVER gets old


I own the milk one, but I don't think I could resist buying this. Mayhaps as my backup "milkman's baby" tee.


its too similar, but i almost like this one better.


The expression on the queen's face is perfect.

Davey Impact

I'm not digging the little dirt marks that you can see on the close up.

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

This is waaaaaaay better than that milk cutesy shirt.


it doesn't read as easilyas the milk one if its suposed to be like it

kaloyster profile pic Alumni

Even the dumbest thing breathing who doesn't know shit about chess would get this, ouchouch.


yeah... a pawn of opposite color can cross a chess table to become a queen but there's no "mating" in chess. relaly, the characters are cute but this shirt is made of fail. makes no sense. silly. concepts already been explored perfectly with milky shirt. end.


Haha, reminds me of a combination of "mere pawn" and that milk shirt. I dont think its "made of fail", its a nice illustration {i really like the shadows and inky lines...}, but since its been done before it probably wont get printed =/. I'll still give it a 4 though :]


This is so funny.
I hope this wins.
I want a chance to by this.


I really like it - same concept as the one with the milk. but I didn't get to buy the one with the milk, so...


k, this is the milk shirt, arguably as good as the milk one, but too late.


It's just hit me!

The pawn shouldn't look surprised, it should be kind of gurgly and cluelessly happy (like the ideal infant!) instead of surprised and somehow prematurely aware of its predicament.

The fact that it seems to be responding to the conflict maybe throws you off?


i like this one more than the milk one.. the art is more my taste.. and i wouldnt wear the milk one but i would definitely wear this one

soo $5


Yeah, they never reprint the milk one...but this one is so cooler.



this idea actually just gave me an idea.
well realistically this shirt wouldnt really make sense becuz there would be no reason why a queen or a king wouldnt take a pawn if it tried to fork them.
which makes the troubled look on the pawn quite understandable cuz he's in a tad bit of trouble.
but i think you should add like a distant bishop with a sniper and a tracer laser pointed somewhere around there just to show that the pawn is covered or something...idk.

sorry im in chess club.
what can i say?


I love a good fork! Mitchell, that was also the first thing that came to my mind! (Go, chess geeks, yay.) It's just not the thing that non-chess players, or the designer of this sub, think of first (or, in fact, at all).

But I would love someone to design your idea!


heck ill design it.
thats actually almost exactly the idea that this shirt gave me.
just gotta work on gettin some cheap form of photoshop first.
in the meantime, ill probably work on some sketches of my idea and maybe host em on my profile or somethin idk...actually maybe not.
ya hopefully you guys'll just be able to see the finished design in a few months.


You design it - I'll vote for it!


This is a really cool design!


um. i know everbody has said it, but it has been done before. it's nice though.

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