man versus nature

Watch this

mY faV0rIt3 oNe fr0M y0Ur s3rIes


aCtuALlY, tH3 0Nly On3 i r3aLly aPpr3ciat3. n1c3!


candiru...are you serious with the way you're typing? :)
i have had enough of these trees. make them look different!

jean_warhol profile pic Alumni

5 similar shirts.... how this threadless approve this?

antosh profile pic Alumni

This one is the best I think, they are all pretty cool though.
and Candiru, are you on drugs?


id buy! :)


Makes me want to chop trees!


Think how much longer it must take Candi to type this way... Is she just doing it for attention? Maybe she just sees things differently.


I was going to say that this one was better than the other ones, but the leet typing stuff boggled my mind. Candiru, I know it was considered sorta-cool back in 1992 (though even then it was mostly just annoying and done by wannabes), but now you might as well tell people that you still wear Pull-Ups.

Then again, all that mish-mash is great for making tight passwords, so maybe practice helps.


Pull-Ups! Ouch!

Alexandra Marie

You are a perfect example of why there is a critique section. Figure out what people like before you submit the same design 5 times.

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