i heard a rumour

  • by laura_89
  • posted May 28, 2007

I own and love this shirt, but I did hear a rumour that this is actually a D&D reference, and I have no idea either way so would someone please clarify so I know the story behind my fantabulous shirt.

Watch this

You're getting it mixed up with this shirt me thinks.
The multi sided dice are used for tabletop RPGs like D&D & Vampire.

vonbrandis profile pic Alumni

thanks for the compliment laura - since i won the competition and this shirt has gone on sal, there's has been comparisons made to other designs.

I do not know what D&D is and can tell you taht this was an original idea i had and created. if there's anything out there that similiar or related - it's either using my design as reference or it's pure chance. I'd say buy one while there's still stock :)

Papaprime profile pic Alumni

She's not saying the idea is stolen, she is asking if it is making a nod or paying homage to the popular sub culture game "Dungeons & Dragons"

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